May 25, 2011

Learning from the TV. Benda petak itu.

I'm turning into a couch potato.
Everyday, Monday to Thursday... Lying on the sofa, watching TV all day long.

But I do learnt a lot from watching TV. I learnt about life.
Mum quotes "Tengok TV tu jangan tengok kosong je... Ambik pengajaran."

Well so I did learn... That life is not as you think it is. Or precisely, things are not as what it seems to be. What you think is A, is actually really not A. What you think is B, is actually not really B. Got what I meant?

In TV shows, or dramas, there always happen to be a misunderstanding. Iyala, just to add to the conflict and the climax... The one that makes you go "Ish dia ni! Padahal kan pempuan tu buat benda lain!" Like this guy here would think of this girl of that when actually this girl is doing another thing but somehow the guy interprets it negatively. Or positively. Depends.


Okay fine. If any of you watched the drama series Nora Elena aired on TV3, there's a conflict between the heroin and the hero until they reach one point where this guy here broke off their engagement. Trust me, I was even more outraged than the heroin! Like hello? It's not even her fault and yet, he blindly broke off their engagement just like that. JUST. LIKE. THAT. Ha now, she's engaged with another man. Padan muka.

Most of the time, I went "Kurang ajar gila laki ni... Ish kalau I la kan..." Talking about being way tooooo emotional. Heh.

So yeah, I was influenced by the television. Because you see, came to think of it, each of us have our own life story to tell. You, me, everyone.

It's just a matter of how you go through it.

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