May 5, 2011

Keluh Kesah Peperiksaan

Hi people.
My blog is starting to lose focus now. It's starting to turn into an online diary... *sigh*

Oh well, so I'm done with four papers and now there's two more to go. Oh la-la~ Oh so happy!

Though eye bags are starting to develop but it's okay, it's okay... As long as I prepared myself enough before entering the exam hall then let's just put aside the eye bags, shall we? Because hey, it's the finals right. All that matters now is to do your best and the rest is history. Not really history lah, because remember: Study for the knowledge, not for exams. But you have to study smart.

I learnt one thing.
If the lecturer gave tips, FOCUS on the tips! As in really, really, really FOCUS!

Oh so, lots of things happened during the exam. Eh I forgot to write a post on the Bachelor of Sports Science new intake interview! Aiyoyo... Later ha, later...

As usual, I would call mum to ask for her blessings and prayers. It really helped! Because sometimes I didn't revise whole-heartedly but during the examination I could actually remember everything! Like, every.single.thing.
So yeah, doa ibu itu berguna. And so I make it a habit to text mum everytime.

If the paper is a tough one, I'd text her more often and even call. Just to make sure she remembered to include this one daughter of hers in her prayers. Heh. Speaking of mum, it's funny how she wanted me to focus in my exams while at the same time still wanting me to spend time gossip gossip gossiping with her.

(Mum: Apehal lah nyebok kt cni. g study)

Ha-ha... I know you miss me, Mak. ;)
She told me to study but we actually spend hours chatting online. Gossip gossip gossiping nonsence. She told me not to nyibuk-nyibuk but she's the one who started all the story telling. Ahah!

* * *

"One of the most beautiful thing in the world is a smile. And the next best thing is to know you're the reason behind that smile."
While lining up outside the exam hall for this one paper, this one guy smiled and wished "Good luck!". Thing is, I don't even know him. I meant, I've seen him few times at the faculty and he would smile, but I didn't know his name, class, or whatever. All I knew is he's the same faculty as I am and he's my senior. For the whole semester I really didn't bother to find out about him because like, I don't think it's that important. Plus I didn't have the time to play detective. Like, okay so senyum aje pun~
But the incident actually boosts up my mood a bit. Honestly.

And today. I felt a bit embarrassed and shy during the examination. Shy? Er well, imagine taking exams on a stage and there are also people taking exams down there. Facing you. I must admit I got a bit paranoid of this kind of situation. Like OMG, everyone can see what I'm doing up here on the stage! But it so happens that everyone is preoccupied with the exam and like Bashtiah, hello~ they don't even know you exist up there... So perasan lah you ni...

Oh because I have this new habit of sleeping during exams. So it's kind of embarrassing you see...
Bangun-bangun tengok orang tengah staring at your face.
Malu okayyy...

So anyway, I hope to finish these two more papers and then yabedabedu..! Heaven.

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