May 7, 2011


I'm worn out.
I believe I've reached my limit.

Sports science is a tough one. Eh no, silap. Degree is a tough one.
Went through 5 papers already (1 more to go, yay!) and without fail I just had to take a short nap during the exam. I've never done that during my diploma days, I tell you.

Well this time.
The brain needed a rest. I just had to take a nap or I couldn't think.
"Kalau dapat masuk, you kena kerja keras lebih banyak dari orang lain. You kena struggle lebih to catch up with the rest."

"I'm willing to work hard, sir. I believe I can."

Ceh. So confident. Those words kept on ringing in my head now. How I gained that much confidence during the interview is a wonder now.

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