May 22, 2011

Bullied By Students

Mum and I received a contract to teach children swimming every Saturday until the fasting month, along with three other swimming instructors. Each instructor will be given a minimum of 10 students to teach, all at the same time in the same swimming pool. The students range between 7 to 15 years old.

Unlucky thing for me, my students are all standard two which means they are 8 years old. Kecik-kecik. Menguit-nguit~

Sekejap-sekejap, "Cikgu cikgu, tengok ni."...
Sekejap-sekejap, "Cikgu cikgu, macam ni eh cikgu?"...
Annoying. But cute.

Yesterday on the way back from teaching, we had great fun telling each other about our students, or rather, comparing each others' class. We compared which one of us had the most challenging student. Oh yea, we did that most of the time.

Apparently mum got bullied by her students. Heh. Her students are the eldest ones in the group.
She told them to count until ten while she's holding her breath underwater while doing the star float. They were quite mischievous, I must say.

Star float.
But I told my little students, this is how to become Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants cartoon). :P

Mum counted satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima... But suddenly she heard:
SATU....... DUA........ TIGA....

They were counting so slow! Hahahahah! Can you imagine that? By the count of seven, mum said she was almost out of breath already! Her ears and eyes were already numb and she couldn't really stand it anymore but if she went up it would be very embarrassing so she kept on praying hard. Hahah... But she also kept on thinking "Siapla korang nanti..."

When she went up,
"Oi lambatnya korang kira! Matilah cikgu macamtu. Kira lah cepat-cepat sikit, satu dua tiga empat lima.."
And they all laughed. Oh yea. My mum's really like that, selamba gila~

* * *

As for me, I have a story to share too. :)

You see, these children were given free swimming caps, goggles (goggle, bukan google tau. Orang selalu silap sebut), and kicking boards. The thing is, my students are all oh so small and oh so cute, so the goggles are too big for them. They couldn't be adjusted as it is just way tooooooo big.

The first 10 minutes were spent only on repairing their goggles alone. "Cikgu cikgu, masuk air", "Cikgu cikgu, longgar sangat" (sigh) -.-"

I was too tired of repairing this one girls' goggle that I told her,
"Ni besar sangat ni... Memang tak boleh adjust dah. Nanti beli baru."

"Ayah, ayah! Cikgu cakap goggle ni besar sangat. Cikgu suruh beli baru!"
Her father took the goggle and tried to adjust it.

I immediately went to another student and pretended not to hear anything. Heh. Heh... Tak payahla cakap depan depan aku kan.... Bersalah pulak rasanya.

They were all oh so cute... Very innocent.
I told them to blow bubbles from their nose. I said it's like blowing your nose.

"Ala macam nak hembus hingus dalam air..."

"Tapi cikgu, saya takde hingus..."

* * * (pause)

"Ha takpe... Buat-buatla macam ada hingus."

"Macam ni eh cikgu?", "Cikgu cikgu, macam ni ke?"...

"Ha, betul betul!"

* * *

I was in the toilet when two of them came,
"Cikgu Tiah, terima kasih! Minggu depan ada lagi kan?"

So cute. I love my job.

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