April 27, 2011

Yes, it's the finals already.

Macam dah jadi kewajipan, setiap kali sebelum peperiksaan akhir semester bermula, pasti akan ada satu entri mengenai ketakutan dan kegusaranku untuk menghadapinya... Oh, seperti entri yang ditulis disini. Jadi, haruslah juga ada satu lagi entri untuk semester ini.

My first final paper would start tomorrow evening. Even thinking about it now makes me nervous, like, so nervous I'm having trouble eating.

EVERYTIME, I really meant EVERY time there's a test or quiz or assessment, or assignments, I would get nervous. And this time, the finals, of course lah lebih nervous!

This semester I'll be having 6 final papers:
  • Fitness Testing and Evaluation
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Nutrition
  • Law Relating to Sport and Recreation
  • Prevention and Care of Sport Injuries
  • Event Management
There's no final paper for BEL (Presentation Skills), lucky thing. And oh, speaking of BEL, yesterday I actually bumped into my BEL lecturer. I'm with my mum you see, so it was kind of a relief when she told mum only good things about me. She said I've been very attentive in class, always paying attention and also participating well in class activities... Heh. Attentive? A lil' bit only, not VERY attentive because I remembered myself not paying attention to my classmates presentation. Tau-tau je dah habis... Instead I was busy completing my speech outline which was supposed to be submitted to her the previous week, in which on that week I was absent. So much of a good student heh... -.-"

This semester has been a bit hectic, balancing all the new subjects and what's with all those extra extra things like learning sports massage, strapping and taping, CPR, being a first aider, organizing two events in one semester, teaching swimming, duty at the pool, organizing fitness tests... Percaya tak sports massage, strapping, CPR, dan first aider tu semua untuk satu subjek aje? Haah, betul... It's as if we're spending the whole semester for just ONE subject.

And oh, a zero for my assignment... (but we've been given a second chance to re-do)
Oh oh oh... And that's excluding all those lovey dovey thingy and emotional breakdown, cinta tak kesampaian lah apa lah... And one good thing, penghijrahan.

Despite all those hectic-ness, I considered myself lucky to be blessed with such good friends. You see, you can take loads and loads of pictures for the whole semester but there will only be one picture of the semester. The one that concludes it all. Ala macam konon-konon picture of the day lah kan...

Gigi disaluti coklat.



Khadija Sakaria said...

all the best and good luck bash :)

Bashtiah said...

Thank you khadija!

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

bash writing an entry in malay is a bit ermm weird tp u know, ure a good writer lah bash. i actually love those line in malay u wrote at the beginning of ur entry ahaha

good luck anyway (:

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

p/s: u look pretty and fab with hijab on (:

Bashtiah said...

Pika: Hey, thank you thank you! I was trying out something new, mixing a lil' bit of Malay here and there. ;)All the best to you too!

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

btw bash, i did take the ladies coach, always. but you know, sometimes people are just so ignorant they didnt care if the coach is for ladies only or not.