April 6, 2011

In RAPI sihat cantik...

Oh yes...
I'm in RAPI! Go buy yourself the RAPI magazine, 1st April 2011 edition. Well, if you're interested to see me in it lah... The UiTM lifeguards, including me, were featured in it. Heh. Eheh... Heh. Heh.

Mum, of course bought one. Me myself bought another one. So I actually have two copies of that one magazine. TWO copies, okay! Soooo excited, right... Padahal bukan covergirl pun~

I was actually a bit nervous on how my picture would turn out in the mag. Because you see, on that day, though I've prepared myself by wearing a nice, decent baju kurung, at the last minute I've to change to sports attire... Yes, cool. The only chance for me to be in a magazine and I just have to wear track pants and a t-shirt. (Edwina Lim, you must be proud. I was wearing the t-shirt you gave me. Hah!)

Comparing myself and the other lifeguards, clearly they are more prepared with make-up and all. They looked like models... Huh. So jealous la... (Go see go see!)

* *

Mum: Tudung apa Tiah pakai tu? Tak elok lah. Macam serban je... (Referring to the tudung syria I always wore for outdoor activities.)

Me: Eh okay lah tu I tengok.

Mum: Tak, tak... Tak eloklah Tiah pakai. (And go on about how I should wear a better shawl and make-up a bit... Comment, comment...)

Me: Mak, muka I dah masuk magazine. At least say something positive… Ish. (Starting to feel annoyed and demotivated.)

Mum: (Laughed) Okay okay. Tapi takpelah, yours are the only one yang ada title. And gambar paling besar pulak tu.

Haa… Now that’s what I want to hear. The biggest picture. Heh. Sorry Mel! Sorry Hana! Sorry Syira! I know... I know... I'm such a vainpot!

Mum added: Dia tak letak umur Tiah pulak. And nasib baik ada jam. So nampaklah gaya swimming instructor.

-.-" Oh. So she actually studied the whole article.

I told my lecturer about this (because I left his class early for the interview). He asked for the mag and I frankly told him to buy it himself because it cost me RM 4 for one mag and thus buying two would be a bit costly... Much to my embarrassment, he told me to just bring my own copy to show him. Heh... OMG... I actually thought I was that important to the extent of him buying that mag just for the sake of seeing me in it. Perasan gila OMG!

Oh yea. I really did say that. You have to experience the feeling of being inside the water. :)
Relaxation, baby!