April 23, 2011

Hingus di air

I know that sounded a bit gross and disgusting, right... Hingus are those mucus in your nose. Yup, it's those slimy fluid in your nose I'm talking about here.

Nasal mucus.
Yes, a swimming teacher has got to face those slimy fluid coming out from their students' nose. Most of the time. Considering the fact that your students will be breathing underwater by blowing out bubbles from their nose.

I was teaching a group of ladies this morning aged between 25 to 45 years old. It happened to one of my students today.

"Blow bubble, blow bubble..." *when she emerged from the water, there was a slimy fluid at the edge of her left nostril*

I'm used to all that already. I've seen a much more slimy mucus than that...
I told her to blow bubble again because the bubble is too big. Thus it showed that she's not relaxed enough.

Blub blub blub blub~

This time I saw the mucus floating on the water surface. Just in front of her. Quite close to me. It was exactly right there, in front of her. I couldn't simply tell her to scoop it out to the drain, right? So I actually kept an eye on that thing.

Okay I said earlier that I am used to it, right? I'm not sure why this time it really bothered me.

I suddenly imagined myself blowing bubble inside the water where that thing is and it actually touched my face. I meant, suddenly that thing was on my face- melekat. Ewww!
Immediately I felt like throwing up. Seriously, I almost threw up.
OMG I'm so BAD!!!

Lucky thing I managed to cover up by looking away.
I usually don't mind; I'm not sure why this time somehow it did... Aiyaa~


Sophie Al-yahya said...

hahaha.sengal lah bash!!!
apesal sophie tak perasan pun kalau student sophie ada hingus keluar?

you are soooo detail...

Bashtiah said...

Mesti akan ada lah dalam ramai-ramai tu sophie...hahah...bash memang perhatikan semua, tak dapat nak elak.hee.