April 22, 2011

Diastole Systole Stoley Troley Woley

This, I must warn you, is an educational entry as I'm actually on my way to finishing this one last assignment before I get to focus on my final exams.

I'm doing a summary on this one journal about 'Effects of a 10-week water aerobic exercise on the resting blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension'.
(Remember the assignment that I received ZERO mark? This one assignment was a second chance given by the lecturer. Oh-so-thankful!!!)

The results shows that there's an impressive effect on the resting systolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure? Oh. Okay... Lupa sudah apa itu diastole systole!

So back to basics!
Diastole= Di-as-toe-lee, not dia sudah curi/ dia stole (past tense of steal)
Systole= Sys-toe-lee

Okay good. I'm still a bit blur about diastole and systole. Yup, the cardiac cycle. Malu gila ohhh... Already in second semester but still not sure about cardiac system!

Okay okay Bash... Diastole time dia rehat, so dia kembang, relaxation... And systole time contraction ejection. Diastole relaxation, systole contraction. So besar kecik besar kecik... Systole blood is pushed out, that's why dia kecik.

Okay so basically from what I've read up on this one web, eMedTv (Must mention the source... Because anything you said must have evidence right... Especially when it comes to these sciency-sciency thingy), systolic blood pressure is the amount of pressure that blood exerts on vessels while the heart is beating.

And so the result of the study done showed that there's a reduction in the systolic blood pressure. The thing with those with hypertension is, their average blood pressure reading is higher than 140/90. Hypertension is a medical term for high blood pressure so you see when it states that it reduces the systolic blood pressure, memang baguslah haa...

Okay so now basically, systole contraction, diastole relaxation.


nurulSYAFIKA. said...

haa we learnt this at school dulu dulu hehe

Bashtiah said...

Oh really? I forgot already! Hahahh...