March 6, 2011

Sports First Aider

Completing 10 hours of medical cover is a requirement for this one subject I had this semester. I've to serve as a first aider at any sport events.

Last week, I went to Kelana Jaya Stadium for this Majlis Sukan-Sukan Daerah (MSSD) sport event. It's a state level competition. Yes, they were all school children... And that brought back the many many memories of the good ol' school days I had.

So yes.
Let's go down memory lane, shall we...

Back in my school days, I only cared about choral speaking, choir, public speaking, debate, and even pantun. Yup, all that. Not much of a physical activity, kan... MSSD? MSSN? MSSM? I don't even care about it. I know it's a sport event but I really couldn't care less. I cared about the schools' sportsman though. Eheh. Heh... Well basically, in a school, there must be this one hottie everyone had a crush on, right? It's either the head prefect or the schools' sportsman.

Being a girl, I'm no exception from that. I used to have this MAJOR super duper crush on the schools' sportsman. Like, hello? Who doesn't? WE girls, would go 'Aaah..' and 'Gila ah dia senyum kat aku lah tadi!!!' and 'Gila comel lah dia...' and... Okay enough. That was embarrassing. Well you got what I meant.

I ended up only being one of their secret admirers, admiring from far their achievements. And because me myself am no athlete material, so I stayed away from them. Duduk jauh-jauh sebab rendah diri...

But now, I can actually be part of the action!
Bukan berlari bersama, not running together, no no no... I'll be sitting at the side of the track only, as a first aider. Just in case they got injured.

Same goes to swimmers. Swimming with them seemed impossible because obviously I'll be swept away to the back with their waves... But I can still join in, though. I'll be sitting by the poolside. I can, because I'm a lifeguard.
So basically, that's about it. I don't have to be an athlete in order to join in sport events.

I don't think I could ever be an athlete. An athletes' friend, maybe.

Kalau you sakit, you injured, I ada. :)

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