March 8, 2011

Of Love and Break Ups

I'm in the mood of writing a motivational (hopefully), lovey dovey, emotional post now. So excuse me, please.

Okay so let's just face it, people... You just have to go through these two things in life. Or if you're lucky, you'll be exempted from the second one; break up. Or break ups. A break up is very painful, I just learnt. So well yeah, do consider yourself lucky if you haven't been through one.

How long did it actually took to forget someone? As in forget completely. I shall say, it depends.
It depends on how you reacted to the break up. Okay fine, so the relationship ended. The first thing to do is to let it out... Don't keep it to yourself because later you'll be so stressed out that you explode. Explode BIG TIME.
So, seek advice and consultation from whom you trust.

Some advices I received:
"He didn't deserve you. You are way better! You can get a better one... Don't worry."
"Ala kau relax aje..."
"Mesti ada hikmahnya tu..."

And somehow, I kind of agreed with this one:
"Kau swim lah banyak mana pun, ubatnya satu je. Cari orang lain."
You have to know it's not that easy to find another one, though...

The BEST advice came from the one and only quirky mum:
"Ala tak apa Tiah... Kawan-kawan Afif (my elder brother) tu ramai je yang nak kan Tiah dari dulu..."
Heh. Yeah right, Mak... Whatever~

Okay come on, serious serious. *Ahem*

THE BEST advice from a mother:
"Tuhan dah sediakan yang lebih baik tu sebenarnya."

Mum also said:
"It's not a matter of who ended it. When a relationship ends, it's an agreement between both sides."

Because I've noticed this one scenario. When a person breaks up, the one question that would be asked was:
"Who breaks it off?" or "Siapa yang minta putus dulu?"

The perception most people had in mind is it's better if we're the one who asked to end it because by then we wouldn't lose our dignity. If the other person asked to end the relationship, it's as if like you're being dumped or rejected. WRONG.

You're not a loser if your partner asked for a break up. And no, I'm not saying this just because I got dumped.

Like mum said, "A relationship ends with the agreement of both sides."


Aisya S. said...

Ah, but what if one side doesn't want to end the relationship?

I see so many girls yang terhegeh-hegeh nak try to win their ex's heart again, and they NEVER EVER EVER wanna let go.

I've seen so many blog posts/tweets that switch from being emo ("I still love you, ayang!", "Why did you let me go, my love???") to being completely mad ("I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME!!!", "YOU ARE A JERK!!!"), and every time I see these type of girls, I just wanna give them a good shake and tell them to just LET IT GO. Bak kata pepatah, "dah ludah tu, takkan nak jilat balik." D:

Ah, but that's easy for me to say, though. I've never been through a break up. Tapi seriously, when girls like to latch on to relationships that have already ended, they're only making it harder for themselves to find someone better, and other potential guys will not want to get into a relationship with girls who are still too in love with their exes.

So seriously. LET IT GO, girls!

I agree with that advice: "Tuhan dah sediakan yang lebih baik tu sebenarnya."


Bashtiah said...

Aisya: *sigh* So sad but that's the real situation now... Most girls are so desperate that they wouldn't let go of the relationship. Instead of moving on, they keep on looking back at all the memories... Yup, mothers always knows best. ;D