March 5, 2011


You know you have to really focus on your Kinesiology assignment Bashtiah, given the fact that you received ZERO for your first assignment... But what to do, what to do... The webpage is still loading. So as to not waste time, why not open a new tab and start writing a new blog entry! Ahahaa... Killing two birds with one stone. Smart. ;)

Okay so let me introduce you to Mashitah. I wrote about her already in this post but I didn't put her picture. Just so you know how cute she is, so TA-DA! Presenting...

The one with the pink hoodie, okay. Comel kan? Betul-betul comel, I tell you...

So yeah, this is the little girl I talked about. The one that gave me strength to work really hard to organize our event. Oh, before that. My class is organizing a kind of sports charity event called Kiddies X-Pose de X-Treme 2011. It's going to be held around March. Well, a day after my birthday actually. 26th March 2011.

Trust me, we faced a lot of challenge.
You think organizing an event is easy? No, no, no... Not at all. Yes I've graduated with a Diploma in Tourism Management, but seriously, each event is different. Each event has its' own challenge.

And here, in the main campus, things have to be much much much more formal. Seriously. I didn't know in order to get sponsorships you actually have to let the Vice Chancellor know. Like, hello? That's like, OMG so much of a hassle! Back during the days in the branch campus, not much paperwork is needed. Tapi, tapi sekarang...

Because of Mashitah, I keep on going. Being the secretary. Eh wait, Assistant Secretary (They said the assistant always have to do more work. I couldn't help but agree more...), preparing letters and written documents are all part of the job. Today one letter, tomorrow need one more letter. And letters, I tell you, needed signature. And signatures, let me tell you, are needed from all those busy high authority people.

Currently we're having problems with the venue. I prepared a letter to the Datuk Bandar already... To the Faculty Dean... And to the Vice Chancellor as well. I hope it works. Just so I could spend more time with Mashitah.

Anyone intending to sponsor? You are very much welcome to do so. Thank you!

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