March 27, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

Oh yea, I turned 22 last Friday.
Zahra was the first to wish me. And she even sang for me a birthday song.

And some other friends wished me too. :)
It was only during my birthday that my Facebook wall became flooded and jam-packed with messages. Ha-ha. Somehow I felt famous for one day!

The day of the birthday was quite a hectic one cause we have a big MAJOR event on the next day which is 'Kiddies X-Pose de X-Treme 2011' at the Extreme Park in Section 13, Shah Alam.

But it's a great birthday. Honestly.
I thank Mimey for the birthday celebration, for the cake, for the gift, and for the hassle of picking me up from Section 13. I am oh-so-touched! Seriously! And oh, for the others who came that night. Like, OMG terharu sangat okayyy...! (I know you guys read my blog... So yeah, thank you thank you thank you!)
And I must admit the other birthday song version was real nice. Really really nice! Such a lovely tone, I must say.

Tak sah sambut hari jadi tanpa tepung.
Such a statement!

I was just daydreaming, melayan perasaan bla bla bla while watching those guys playing bmx, flipping their bike here and there... When suddenly Aiman, "Happy birthday!"

Oh yeah... Oh yes yes yes... I finally got it. I finally got bombarded with flour in Extreme Park, Section 13, 26th March 2011. Eggs? I heard the classmates already prepared EIGHT eggs.
Lucky thing the Extreme Park guy came to the rescue!

"Tempat saya tak boleh main-main tepung ye. Ini tempat rekreasi."
Heh. Eheh... Padan muka.

A friend asked:
"Kau target nak kahwin bila?"
"Bila umur aku 25." *answered with full confidence*


"Dah ada calon ke?"
"Belum. Tapi akan ada." Yeah right...

I do believe that woman should get married by 25 years old. Just like mum said 'before Christmas'... Yes, I do believe in that old saying... But I'm not desperate enough to skip classes just to look for a future husband... Like some girls did. Hahahaa...

***It was quite an emotional birthday, really... Menangis, menangis, menangis... It's true what people said, girls really are emotional creatures. Oh-so-sensitive! By just a simple birthday celebration, menangis. Teringat kenangan lama, menangis...


Yong Sofea said...

happy belated birthday bash! :)

Bashtiah said...

Thank you Yong!