March 18, 2011

Because It's Friday

My life has been a bit chaotic these days. What's with all the assignments and two big events coming up. And oh! Wo de dianhua huai le... My phone rosak sudah! Seriously, when your most important medium of communication is not working, it is stressfull!

And oh, today I'll have to submit two assignments and both my group members left for home last night.
Okay fine, so one of them e-mailed me their part. At 3 am. Oh oh oh! Okay terasa bagai nak gila~

I must admit last night I faced quite a stressfull situation. I called mum, but I was quick to hang up because she sounded too tired to entertain all my hanky panky...

This morning somehow I felt fresh. Last night I did some kind of spiritual treatment to myself. Oh no no no! Not syirik and all those bomoh-bomoh okay... What can I say... It just felt good! :)

Bumped into a coursemate just now and blabbered blabbered to her about having to complete two assignments alone.
She grieved,

Surprisingly, I still managed to laugh it out,
"Ala tak apa, layankan aje! Hahah!"

I remembered mum's advice:
"Bila you stress, you tak boleh fikir."

It's TRUE!

Oh, it's Friday already. Now I'm still thinking 'Nak balik ke taknak, nak balik ke taknak...'


The Green Girl said...

Have a good weekend, girl!

Bashtiah said...

Thank you! And to you too.