February 27, 2011

A students' worst nightmare

is getting 0 for an assignment. Yes, ZERO! For all the hardwork, all the time spent, and money used to print the hard copy, zero mark is certainly the cruelest thing a lecturer could do to you.

SERIOUSLY dear lecturer. That was really cruel. At least think of our effort in completing it. ZERO is like ZERO. Not ZERO as in HERO but as in kosong. Empty. Like, tak ada apa apa langsung okay...

I am hereby proud to announce that I received a big, fat ZERO for my very first assignment. Half of the class did, that's why I'm not ashamed to admit it. And it was all because of this thing called,


Trust me, I checked my assignment with the Google plagiarism checker and it stated free from plagiarism! I, for one, am not they type of student who simply copy paste copy paste from texts. I used up my own words! Betul... Jujur jujur...

So you can really imagine my reaction when the lecturer said,

"Haa... Kamu pun kena.' *With a smile.*
"Ha?! So, kosong lah? Serious? Seriously?" *Shocked. Mouth wide open. Eyes blinking.*

He displayed my assignment on his computer screen. The texts were highlighted in various calours. Pink, green, yellow, blue... Even the title was highlighted! Okay fine. The plagiarism checker I Google-ed is certainly no match to this one.


"Er. So... So maknanya?"
"So... Maknanya kosonglah. Kamu kena kerja keras sikitlah nanti."
"Oh. *sigh* Okay thank you." *Felt like crying already...*

What do you mean by kerja keras sikit? I have to kerja keras banyak banyak okay! Like, BANYAK GILA. Seriously, I really really got the shock of my life!

Again, seriously, I've never in my life received zero mark for my assignment. Like, NEVER. Which reminds me of one killer subject during diploma which is Computer Reservation System (CRS). That one, gila. That one was one really crazy subject I tell you. There are loads and loads of codes and you get your marks deducted if you misplace or left even one silly symbol. But I passed the subject anyway. And still graduated with two stars marked at the end of my name.

So yeah. Basically I just have to think positive. And never give up. These are all learning processes.
If you never received a ZERO, how can you receive 100% right?
You have to know what's wrong first, in order to know what's right. Kan?

Ha'ah, betul tu. Yes, I LOVE KINESIOLOGY.

***ONE TIP: In Microsoft Word, use shift + F7 to open the thesaurus. That way you can find synonym words easier, to avoid detection by the plagiarism checker, and to get more bombastic words! :)


Yong Sofea said...

oh my god bash! i didn't know that such program existed! habislah kalau lecturer i guna. haha :P

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

if u didnt plagiat anything then i think u shud defend urself u know

that lect is ssooooooo unfair!

Bashtiah said...

I'm sorry I forgot to reply your comments! Yes Yong, such programme does exist... So beware! ;)

Pika, it's hard to say anything because of that system you see...