February 15, 2011

The Kasehs'

Visited three orphanage today.
Rumah Titian Kaseh, Lambaian Kasih, and Siraman Kasih.

I got to meet Mashitah again. For the second time... Mashitah is a 10 years old girl staying in the Lambaian Kasih orphanage whom I met during my medical cover in Universiti Malaya last Saturday. She's really cute. Seriously. Really really cute. Adorable. Cute. Sweet. I made sure she remembered my name. She's really smart, too. She could read my name and pronounce it correctly. Even adults had problem pronouncing my name. They alwasy pronounced it Ba-shi-tah. Or Ba-shi-ti-ah. Ahah... Okay I know, it's not that hard, kan... But still... She's a smart girl.

I met her today, at Lambaian Kasih. We're going to organize an event on March, and we're inviting Mashitah over! Yes, here! In SHAH ALAM! I got to meet her again, again, and AGAIN! 26th March, people! :D :D :D

Yes, yes, I met Mashitah today at Lambaian Kasih. After settling things with the orphanage owner, we decided to visit Mashitah at this one Kopitiam where they were gathering for a Maulidul Rasul celebration. You know what, they actually went out of the Kopitiam to greet us! Mashitah stared at me for a few seconds, though. Eheh. I know... I do look slightly different with the hijab on. She smiled, though. :D :D :D

I asked her do I look cute with tudung? And she nodded, smiling sweetly. She has a really nice smile, I tell you. Seriously comel gila! She even told her friend "Inilah kakak yang nama Bashtiah tu". I'm touched.

Another thing that touched me... When I stood up after sitting on the chair, she actually pulled down my shirt for me! I. AM. SO. TOUCHED. And AMAZED. And STUNNED. Yes my shirt was a bit short, atas punggung lah senang cerita, okay... So when you sit, the shirt kind of folded up and you know, revealed your butt. Or your panties. And this girl here is so concern about me that she helped to cover it! I'm not sure about you, but I do tend to take small things seriously. I'm easily touched. Yes I am. You do one good deed and I'll be really really thankful. Like, totally thankful.

Back from meeting her I kept on thinking. I know I've had this feeling before. The feeling of a touched love. A touched love? Hahah... Not love as in where the boyfriend loves to touch the girlfriend, but love as in kasih sayang kerana terharu dan sayang. Ah-hahahahah... I know that's lame but it's really a bit hard to explain.

Then the memory came. Yes, I've experienced this love feeling before. Quite a long time ago.
It really brings back memories... Fatihah. I met her in Rumah Anak Yatim Haji Mohd Yatim in Rembau during my second semester as a tourism student.

Fatihah, if you happen to read my blog (Well, who knows right?) do contact me okay.You're probably 16 or 17 years old by now... I tried calling you tapi tak dapat. And so I gave up...


Mission: Make them happy.
The seniors actually lend me their shirt just so that I wouldn't feel left out. This project was organized by the third and fifth semester students, but being the busybody that I am and plus I've always wanted to go to an orphanage, I tebalkan muka and simply joined in.

The musical chair game.
They were so passive they only walked all the way! Like, so berhemah and bersopan-santun! Notice the ribbons they wore on their wrists? There were 4 teams; red, blue, white, yellow. I'm in the white team.
Who plays musical chair by just walking slow-slow? I geram okay, I geram...

So I joined in! There I was... Covering my head with a towel... I could run 2 to 3 rounds and yet they still haven't finish even ONE round! So you can imagine how S-L-O-W they were... I was actually trying to motivate them. I was going "Lari lagi, lari lagi!". It worked. They walked faster.

And my team WON! Yay yay yay!!! When I jump, they jump. See the laughter on their faces? Priceless. They may wear a long hijab, tudung labuh while I'm hijab-less. But still, we are still humans. We are the same. Equal.

During lunch, I sat at the same table with them. They were surprised at first... But they gave me loadsof space to sit. They tried to make space. Can you imagine those type of canteen tables where the table and chairs are attached and the person at the very end will have to make way for the person inside to go out? Yes? No? Well you HAVE to imagine because if you don't then you won't feel touched. Eheh. Okay so imagine now. Think...

Okay, enough. You know what? They actually ducked under the table to go out! Like hello? You can just tell me you want to go out and then I'll move a bit lah... But they don't! Dengan tudung tudung labuhnya they all ducked under the table and go out from the other side of the table! I pulled her tudung but she managed to escape. Yes, that Fatihah.

And she came back to the table with an ice-cream. (OMG seriously my eyes dah bergenang sekarang...)

An orphan, giving me an ice-cream! When I'm the one supposed to do that!
An ice-cream never tastes so bad before. It was so hard for me to eat the ice-cream. It was as if I'm forcing down something really really bad down the throat. And I was trying so hard not to cry because the guardian said they'll be even more sad if they saw us crying because of them. Try eating something while crying. It's hard, right?
Tapi... You have to be strong! Kuatkan semangat!

People people... If you had the chance to do a good deed. Do it. If you have the chance to visit an orphanage, do it. Mingle around with them, don't simply have fun with your friends. Try to get to know them. As for me, it was a lucky thing I wasn't really close with the seniors in the first place... I felt a bit awkward to mix with them... But because only then I decided to make friends with the orphans. I began to spend more time with them.

Ever since I volunteered myself for this program, my lecturer began trusting me with charity projects. That was when I suddenly got appointed as the assistant project leader for Program Amal Adikku Sayang 2009 (They actually made fun of it as Program Amal "Anakku" Sayang... Shish! Suka suka aje~) in Institut Jantung Negara. That's another story, though. Later if I have the time I'll post an entry on it, okay.

Take care people!
(I'll post a picture of Mashitah later, okay! Still waiting for the pictures from Ila.)


Anonymous said...

i read this a bit late, like now. but i'm touched. feel like crying ='(

Bashtiah said...

Nurezzaty: It's okay. As long as you read it then that's great already. :D Yup, we should do more charity kan after this. Help them. :)