February 26, 2011

Iya, Mak...

It's been almost 3 weeks since I last went back home. Well, itu ialah 'went back home', if I couldn't make it, the home itself will make it's way here. Yes, here. My mum herself would come to me. Because for me, you see, home is where mum is. Ada mak, itulah rumah. So basically mak = rumah. I called her just now to check what she's up to.

My mum always had the quirkiest things to say. Seriously.

"Ha, mak tengah buat apa tu?"

"Ni haa, kat depan rumah Cikgu Tipah ni nak bagi belimbing dia mintak haritu... Tapi dia tak ada pulak hah."

"Sangkut jelah kat pagar tu..."

"Tengah panas ni nanti layu pulak... "

"Dah tu macamana?"

"Mak tengok kucing dia ada tengah baring kat sofa depan tu. Ingat nak bagi kat dia je."

Ceh. -.-"

I decided to call her later when she's not busy. Few minutes later I received a message.
"Dh, mk dh tgglkan kt kucing tu.."

I decided to play along and replied.
"Ha, eloklah. Jgn kucing tu makan sudah.."

Minutes later.
"Tu la..fresh lg tu.."

Hahahah... That really put a smile on my face. Like, seriously Mak...

Cats certainly don't eat these...
Belimbing buluh. We got plenty of them in our backyard.




Last night I went to this one dinner; Malam Anugerah Kecemerlangan Sukan UiTM.
As usual, I would text her before going.
Mum's advice: Jaga diri baik2. Dont get drunk!

I was like, okay Mak...

Then she asked.
"Tau x drunk tu apa?"

I was already rushing to get prepared so you see, I replied pun ala-ala kadar only.
"Tau lah... Mabuk."

She replied with this.
"Drunk sbb tgk mat2 atlet! Kah2.."

I was speechless. Is this really my mother messaging me? Ini mak ke kakak ni?
Oh. Okay okay... Okay Mak. I think maybe we should hang out together less now. Go, go spend more time with the aunties.

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