February 7, 2011

Facebook Temptations

Stupid temptations.
Think twice or you'll regret it.

For example, I always laughed at all those cheesy cheesy Facebook status like:

Missing him <3
You are NOT the only one.
I love you *tag name*
Saya suka *tag name*
Aku TAK SUKA lah *tag name*! KO memang HINA!

I certainly wouldn't allow myself to post such things because well, it is just SO not me. Like, gosh! That is so emo! Like, totally!

Now as I'm going through that phase of life, where I wanted the whole world to know how sad I am, how they should really pity my bad luck, I do have that temptation to post Facebook status like *pause*
Er... Er... Like, 'You are so not worth crying over!' and 'Saya dah tak nak tengok muka awak lagi!'

The thing is, sometimes we only wanted to tell that person how we feel, but ended up doing it in public because we just feel the need to gain support from all those 500+ friends.

So yeah, now I understand why people post such words on Facebook. I got tempted too but it just so happen that I have more self-control. Hahah...


Masrudy Omri said...

Twitter is more convenient for emotional statuses. Facebook is too revealing, I think.

Aisya S. said...

Eh Rudy, jumpa you kat sini jugak!

Bashtiah, to be honest, I don't like it when people post overemotional posts on facebook either. Sometimes the statuses are much too irrational, and it'll only make you seem immature and unable to control your own feelings. And believe me, people definitely judge you online. Some statuses are extremely self-incriminating, especially if the wrong person (lets say, a future employee!) sees a status that would only tarnish your own reputation.

So I applaud your restraint! :D

Bashtiah said...

Masrudy & Aisya: Eh eh, you guys actually know each other?

Rudy, I've never used Twitter before but yeah, I think Facebook's too public, especially when you didn't privatize it.

Aisya, thank you! I do agree on the point where people tend to make judgements on you based on those posts... You never know for sure who keeps on stalking you online...