January 21, 2011

Motivasi Pagi Jumaat

I found something on the net.
Tidak akan tertutup dengan berperangai baik.
Tidak akan tertutup dengan sifat lemah lembut.
Tidak akan tertutup dengan kata-kata yang baik.
Tidak akan tertutup dengan solat.

Tetapi hanya akan tertutup dengan pakaian yang sempurna.
Mudah-mudahan akhlak dibalik pakaian tadi, lebih indah daripada pakaiannya.
(It's basically an issue about aurat. For Muslim women, their aurat covers everything except the face and the palm of the hands.)

Heh. Eheh... This one really really really got me, seriously.
Let's be open, okay.

"Pakai je tudung tapi kena tangkap khalwat!"
"Ish... nama aje bertudung tapi suka melucah."
Does this sound familiar to you?

I believe I should really leave this like that. You read, you understand, and you think on your own. But I must say girls donning the hijab who cursed and say bad words really really turn me off... Seriously.

Oh, have a great day everyone!


Yong Sofea said...

i pernah dengar juga orang kata, pakai je tudung tapi pereangai buruk. but my ustazah once said,
at least she puts up the effort to cover her aurah. :)

Mr Zacky said...

like ur post!!! though u're covering ur aurat, but u're acting like setan, there's no use men... baek xyah pakai tudung, kan3...?

Bashtiah said...

Yong: Yup, that's what I understand from the statement above, too. Good manners certainly didn't cover your aurat. Proper clothing, do...

Mr Zacky: Er, I'm actually not very sure about that... But it would be better if those who covered their aurat have good manners as well.