January 11, 2011

Kakak: My Superhero!

Ever since KTM Komuter introduced the Ladies' Coach, travelling by train has been a much better and pleasurable journey. And undoubtedly, much much much more comfortable! A train coach especially for ladies, now that's just simply superb!

I feel safe, given the fact that ALL of us have the same assets. Eh. Except different shapes and sizes... Ah you know what I meant, right. I don't think I need to, well, elaborate more on that. Basically we, women, know exactly what is behind those pretty pretty clothes. Because it IS THE SAME. And we have our own. And therefore we, unlike most guys, don't really stare at a womens' body with feelings of lust. But if we did, then er... There must be something wrong... Seriously.

A few days ago I had to take the train back home. Travelling alone, of course I opt for the Ladies' Coach. Much safer. Though I'm quite an independent woman I still had that tiny bit feeling of insecurity when travelling alone. But like mum said, 'Jangan buat muka takut.'(Don't show that you're scared.), even if your heart is beating so fast at the sight of a group of gangsters. Mum also advised 'Jangan berani sangat.' (Don't be too brave.).
So yeah, act normal.

While waiting for the train at the Ladies Coachs' line, a group of guys came and lined up next to me and did silly, annoying gestures. Girls, if you so happen to be alone and this happen to you, just ignore it okay. Because they disturbed me earlier and I sort of made a stupid face back at them. I walked straight to the Ladies Coachs' line with the hope they wouldn't follow me but yeah, they did. They planned on getting on the same train as I am!

I was a bit stunned. Lucky thing, suddenly a group og girls came and actually ambushed them!

"Eh, ini line perempuan lah! Tu tak nampak ke ada tulis tu? Tak baca ke???"
(Eh, this line is for ladies! Can't you see it's written there? Don't you read???)

Like, seriously... You girls are awesome. Hebat! Seriously, I am SO thankful!
Eheh. *Shot a sly smile at the guys*

I like it that more Malaysian women are being outspoken! There's this one lady I met on the same day. She actually went to the two guys sitting and told them to leave their seat for the two ladies standing because it's a Ladies Coach. I was amazed! Seriously, kakak, YOU ARE MY IDOL! I don't care if you didn't wear pretty pretty shawls, stylish clothes, and even if you have a plain-without-any-make-up-face, you are AWESOME! Seriously, you really inspired me. That bravery, phew! It's simply WOW!

Kakak in the pink hijab, you're my inspiration!


Anonymous said...

haha! bm!

Sophie Al-yahya said...

wow!! tgk muka dia mcm serius jeee..hihi..

bash, jom kita merayau2 one dah naik ktm.haha.

Bashtiah said...

Sophie: Tau takpe, memang serius dan garang... Bash oke je! :)