January 7, 2011

Just Like A Doctor

I'm training myself to think critically. Scientifically. Just like a doctor.

Okay so I received my very first assignment last Wednesday.
The topic: Sport (Medical Ethics).

Went to search for data on the net. Google woogle google woogle...

Among the points I found.
British Medical Association, Genetic Testing, Opinions on Hospital Relations, Opinions on Social Policy Issues, Code of Medical Ethics, Human Rights in Health, Biomedical Research... And... End of Life Issues?!

Pening, pening... Okay, seriously I don't think I'm mentally prepared yet. Like okay, Biomedical Research? Er. Er... Okay... So instead I search for images. Just to get a clearer picture. I must say I found a lot of funny cartoons... In which I didn't really get the joke. I actually have to think real hard to get the message... Seriously, REAL hard. Well I guess doctors must have complicated minds. You know, with all those scientific sciency sciency terms... Eh, but I don't mean that you doctors are weirdos with complicated minds! No no no, okay. I meant complicated in a positive way. No offence, okay, doctors out there!

Er... Okay. Let me guess. The point here is that the doctor should not misuse his power by charging the patient two times just because he has two personalities. Or more. Well okay then, that is unethical.

So you see, somehow we just have to try other ways to learn. Be open-minded and creative. I must say after reading through and browsing through the cartoons I actually managed to get a slight idea of what medical ethics are all about. But as for my assignment, I'll have to relate it to sports. So yeah, that was it. My very first assignment!

Well then basically it's about human's right in things regarding health la kan?
Yes yes yes!

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