December 31, 2010

Why Malaysia Won The Suzuki Cup


Indonesia 2. Malaysia 1.

"Haa... Kan mak dah cakap, jangan seronok sangat. Anything can happen bila-bila je..."

*Indonesia perlukan tiga lagi gol untuk menjulang Piala Suzuki...* (sports commentator)

"Eh, nape dia kata Indon kena dapat lagi tiga gol untuk menang?"

Because you see mum, this final match, they have to play on a home and away format. So they have to play both in Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malaysia, we won 3-0. And though in Indonesia we lost 2-0, but the total goals we managed to get was 4, and Indonesia 2. That's why.

"Eh haritu kan kita kalah 5-1 dengan Indon"

"Itu lain, mak... Match lain."

She's not the only who just came to know about it. Ni, Bashtiah ni pun sama ja... Eheh. Heh... And I dare tell you that I'm a sports science student. And as for mum, she's a sports science diploma holder. Ahah! Well I guess some girls just don't pay that much attention to football like you guys did. Football players, maybe. Tehehee..

But don't worry dear girly girls... I found the official AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 website where you can check out more information on the game. Like you know, the history, the teams, and yup yup, more PICTURES! I, personally, am linking it here in my blog for my own educational purpose. Yala... Dah kata budak sukan~

Simply click here.

***Read a column on Kosmo!'s frontpage today 'Esok Malaysia cuti umum kerana menang bola'. Somehow that sounds a bit funny to me. Sounded a bit cute actually. Public holiday because we won a football match. Heh. But well, the football players really really deserved to be praised. Like, hello??? We waited 14 years okay to win that cup!



Anonymous said...

hai, i tengah melawat-lawat my followers. thanks for following, bashtiah (that's a rare name..i tak pernah dgr lagi nama mcm yours).

and yes, i'm so happy for us. 14 years lama tu. the fact that we won made it takpe je the indonesians nak kutuk ape pun. we won. and nothing can change that. =)


keep writing!

Bashtiah said...

Nani: Hai! Well well well, I love your blog and your writing style so I followed. ;D Thank you, most people do remember me bcoz of it. Though it's quite hard to pronounce for some people.

Yup, the fact is we won already. Heh.
Sure I will, thanks for dropping by!