December 31, 2010

Masker Muka Tahun Baru

Elder brother went to watch fireworks.
Younger brother also went to watch fireworks.

Mother daughter left alone at home... What to do, what to do...
We did girly girl things-lah, of course!

Okay, not really things, only one thing actually. We made our own face mask! It's really really easy to make, seriously. And it leaves your skin softer(touching skin), smoother, and brighter! Well, at least that's what it does to my face. And mum's face, too(I didn't touch her face but she told me so... So yeah, that's that).

So well, basically you'll need tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and milk powder. You blend together the tomatoes, ccucumber, and the carrots first, then you add in milk powder. Kacau kacau kacau, there you go. Siap! Tepek tepek tepek di muka, let it dry, then wash it off. Say hello to beautiful, soft skin!

Oh, now what to do with the mixture remainings? Sure you didn't have a face as big as a gorilla, right. Store the remnants in a freezer, okay. Don't store it in the refrigerator, there'll be fungus growing out of it. So that next time you can wear it again. So go on, go on, try it!




The ingredients are quite simple, and more important, cheap! But yes, I know I know, to some of us, the act of blendering those three ingredients might seem a bit of a hassle... Buat kecah, mum always said. So the best solution is to use the all the ingredients separately. NO BLENDERING REQUIRED. Seriously. You just have to know the ways. *smile cunningly*

Well so first thing first...

Tomatoes. Cut or slice the tomatoes. No matter what shape, no matter what size. Rub the tomatoes on clean face. Let it dry, then wash it off. They are used as to get rid of those blackheads. You'll feel a bit of a tingling, itching sensation on your face but that's alright. It's alright, it's okay... The tomatoes are actually biting off all those blackheads. Dia gigit-gigit so memang rasa sakit sikit.

Cucumbers. You still have to blender it if you want it to act directly on your skin... I've never tried rubbing cucumber directly on my face. But nevermind, slice it and place it all over your face while lying down. You may have to stay remote for a while because the cucumber slices might slide off your face if you move too much. Or if it slides, just pick it up and place it again. One tip: slice them thinner so they'll stick. But I must tell you that this one is a bit smudgy... I'd rather place them only on my eyes. Cucumbers, for cooling.
Yup, like this.

Carrots. It's for the eyes as well. Too lazy to blender, you have to eat-lah. Just like the rabbits. As for myself, I've never tried other ways other than blendering it. The most I've done is making it into a juice, in which I know most of you already tried and heard of.

Milk powder. Want to become snow white? Live with milk. Milk is like, the ultimate whitening agent! I know because I've tried many ways to become well, *ahem* a bit brighter. You have no idea how dark skinned I am after three weeks of lifeguard training! Very Dayang Senandung-like. Hitam legam. I used to wash my face with milk every morning and seriously it does help in making my face a bit brighter day by day. Proven!

BUT... Bright skin doesn't mean beautiful skin, or simply GORGEOUS. I do have some dark skinned friends who are way pretty, gorgeous, and beautiful than those fair skinned people.

Oh. This is quite a long entry... Oh well.



Anonymous said...

oh dear.. so rajen. macy harap macy rajen mcm kamu. na pki facial wash pn malas T__T

Bashtiah said...

macy: Eh I tak rajin sangat pun, kadang-kadang je I buat benda tu semua... Eheh... ;p