December 9, 2010

I LOVE Pressure Cookers!

It's cooking cooking lesson time with mum again! (Like duh, what else to do at home besides learning and preparing yourself to become a housewife. Harus prepare!)

Mum tought me something very very good today. There's this one magic item I should really really have.

(The one at home looks a bit like this.)

Like OMG, cooking has never been so easy! So so easy okay...!
  • Put in onions, garlics, tomatoes, potatoes, meat. Tunggu sampai mendidih then you close the lid.
  • Wait until water vapor was released from the small hole, then lower the temperature. Close the lid again.
  • Wait for 12 minutes (depend on how big the meat chunks are). Then you tutup api.
  • Look out and wait until the red button turns white. Then you buka penutup.
  • Buka api balik, then you add a little bit of salt and chillie sauce.
Siap! There you got yourself a yummy yummy beef stew!

So easy, man! Like, you don't have to wait until the meat and potatoes got betul-betul empuk... No worries!

But... Not EVERYTHING can be cooked using a pressure cooker, okay. Too bad!
DO NOT ever ever cook fish, chicken (except ayam tua or ayam kampung), and daging batang pinang in a pressure cooker. Nanti hancur.

Some of mum's quotes,

"Ni nanti dah kahwin, mintak pressure cooker untuk hantaran. Tak payah kasut-kasut, mintak je pressure cooker, barang-barang dapur..."

"Nanti Tiah sibuk nak mengajar berenang, senang ada ni... Masuk-masuk, biarkan pastu dah gi bersiap pergi mengajar."

"Ha, tengok senang je kan nak masak ni. Nanti Tiah kan busy nak mengajar, bagi je suami Tiah makan ni. Dia jangan nak banyak cakap. Janji masak."

Hahahah... Such advices from a mother! A pressure cooker as a wedding gift? Hahahahah... That would be super heavy to carry! Imagine a pressure cooker presented on a tray with ribbons and all. What if I asked for a 3-doored refrigerator as a wedding gift as well? OMG... Then my wedding gifts would be sent by a lorry then!

**Oh yes yes... My mum does call me Tiah. Ahahaa...

Happy cooking everyone! Do get yourself a pressure cooker ya! (I suggested the ones from Tefal.)

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