December 14, 2010

Good Morning, Deer...!

Back when I used to work in Zoo Negara(practical training), I always went for a morning walk around the zoo. I would arrive at the zoo as early as 6.50 am to avoid the traffic jam. So early, I knoww... I had to wake up at 5am everyday to get ready, okay.

And EVERY morning, I just have to visit my friends, the deers. Okay, though I may not be able to recognize each one of them and who's who, but you see, they are "deers". It's not like they wore a nametag or anything kann... One thing for sure, I just have to visit them everyday or really, hidup memang tidak sempurna tanpamu. Eheheh...

Because there's just this one thing that got me attracted to them.

No matter how frequent I came, they would always give me that weird look. That weird-strange-queer look. As if it was the first time they ever saw me.

Being in a new environment, it actually pleased me to know that someone noticed my existence. Though that "someone" are only animals... Yup, animals that I couldn't communicate in a way that both of us could understand each other... But still, it's the look that made my day.

See? Even those ones at the back looked at me! Oh by the way, the spotted one is an Axis Spotted Deer. The main star here in front is a Hog Deer.

And... SURPRISE SURPRISE! Every morning without fail I would always saw one or two of them walking walking grazing grazing outside their enclosures! OUTSIDE the enclosures, okay... Don't you just love seeing animals walking freely without any boundaries? Though I worked in the zoo, I still really really love to see animals run freely. Betul... They deserved to live their own life.
I tried not to make a single noise but she still could sense me even from far!

This one is quite tame... He actually came closer to me. Or wait, maybe because it's a "he", that's why he came closer... Gatal!

It's the same deer, about to leap back into his enclosure.

There were some unforgettable memories that we shared together(me and the deers, yup)...

There was this one time where I was watching watching watching them playing around with the monkeys. The monkeys would play on top of the trees and then the leaves would fall down so the deers could eat them.
Apa yang penting? Kerjasama... Yes, yes, the monkeys actually played with the deers. It is true, okayy... They would sit on the back of the deers and the deers would go running around. Hahah... So cute.

But what's not cute is when the monkeys became overprotective of their bestfriend and started to chase you. Yes, I got chased by the wild monkeys! OMG OMG... It was really scary okay! And you know what, one of the monkeys actually raised his eyebrows at me! Both his eyebrows, okay... As if saying, "Hey, wanna go out with me?" Yes, he did that. And they all went "Ayarkkk ayaarkkk", swinging from tree to tree. I managed to escape, though. Phew!

Other memories was of course, petting and holding them. Their skin was a bit rough, but, it's a good feeling to pet a deer. And yes, feed them. One morning, I met En. Mat Iza and he brought Gardenia sandwich breads. That's when I know deers actually eat bread. No wonder they used to follow me around when I brought bread with me... And I thought they were simply attracted to me. Ahah!

Did you know that there were also deers in UiTM Shah Alam? But one thing, don't bring along bread. The deers in UiTM Shah Alam do not eat bread(I've tried, okay).
Go go find them yourself okay!

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