December 14, 2010

Memakai Hijab Itu Baik

I'm not a lesbian but I just love to see pretty pretty girls... who covered up their aurat perfectly.

These girls don the hijab while at the same time still loooked stylish and you know, pretty. In fact, prettier than those sexy sexy girls with mini skirts and body-hugging shirts. I have a friend who never failed to cover up her aurat. One fine day I went to her room and OMG OMG... Gorgeous. Long, shiny, thick, wavy hair...
Gorgeous gorgeous~

I know this might be a bit stereotype but I do tend to have this one perception of girls donning the hijab. For me, they are all oh-so-very-nice and very very well mannered. You know, like perempuan melayu terakhir like that...

So... Once upon a time...

In the KTM's ladies coach, there were 3 girls about my age sitting. Me, being the I-love-girls-wearing-hijab type, couldn't help but kept on looking looking and looking again at one of them. She's very very pretty, I tell youu... Pink shawl, white blouse, pink long skirt, and yea, basically she's pretty. Okay fine, just imagine the famous blogger Fatin Liyana okay. She's cute, and stylish enough for you to imagine. Okay, enough enough. Back to the story.

She kept on text messaging with someone. (I knowww... I stared too much!) Then suddenly....


Yes, those words came out from Ms-I-Think-You're-Cute-And-Well-Mannered. And yes yes, she said it out LOUD. And she went blabbering blabbering blabbering(Ada ke patut dia kata.... Dah la tu ingat aku.... Macam bagus sangat je...), saying things I couldn't believe came from a sweet girl like her.
That's a major turn off.

I promised myself if I ever ever decided to don the hijab, I'll make sure I really behave myself.
That's a promise.

**I found this cool blog which features 7 questions to ask yourself before you don the hijab. Click here!

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kembatolo™ said...

bukan setakat baek tapi cun, cantik, lawa dan semua semua. haha