December 28, 2010

For Our Children

I'm only 21 but I've started thinking about my children. I meant, my future children. I didn't plan on having any children anytime soon now. Especially when I'm not married yet... Well I'm sure mum wouldn't allow me to have children before marriage too... (It's not that I wanted to, anyway.)

Okay okay now you must be wondering why the sudden this girl here is thinking about children? Like, hello hello??? You're not even married yet! Okay but don't most girls like to think about children? Like when you had a crush on someone and you'll start to think of your childrens' name by combining both your name and your crushs' name, right? *silence* Okay so that applies to me alone... Oh well.

The thing is, last Friday I watched Al-Hidayah. It's an Islamic TV programme where they have this ceramah and all. Yes yes, I do watch such TV shows, willingly. Last Friday, they invited Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi(Felt that I have to mention his name so you know I'm not talking you into any ajaran sesat thingy...).

Last week the topic was about early education.
One girl asked. It sounded a bit like this,

"Bilakah kita harus mendidik anak-anak untuk mendapatkan anak yang soleh dan solehah?"
*When should we start educating our children so they'll be religious?*
(I know I'm such a bad translator!)

He answered,
"Pendidikan itu bermula dari proses mencari pasangan"
*Education starts from the process of finding your partner*

That got me thinking.
Because children will mostly follow in their parents' footsteps. That's why. I wish I could elaborate more on this issue(publicly) but somehow I felt like keeping my thoughts to myself. But I must say it really really got me thinking. Really.

I feel that I must be a better person.

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