December 10, 2010

Competing With Mum

When it comes to teaching swimming, my mum's my idol.
She's also my guru.
She's patient, experienced, and know the tips and tricks.
But when there are two swimming instructors in one house, there's competition.
Mak: Eh Tiah, mak dapat kelas lagi! I charged them 25 ringgit per hour and they agreed. Okay-lah kan? Untuk group. See? I got paid RM 75 per hour for only three students... How much UiTM pays you? 40 ringgit je kan? Oh well... Uish uish uish... Kesian you. *grins*

Tiah: Iya mak... I ni kan baru lagi... 40 ringgit tu pun dah cukup... Pengalaman, mak...
She is a good teacher. So I don't really mind her boasting about it. Really, I don't mind. Okay no, I do mind her boasting. Like hello, mak... I am still new.

I accompanied mum teaching her three students today. One of her students actually took up swimming to release stress. She was too depressed after a divorce and decided to learn swimming just to keep herself busy. Now, this is the type of people I wanted so much to teach. No matter how slow she learnt, no matter how long she took to understand even a simple technique, I'm willing to teach. Just to make sure she gets better. Oh, did you know that swimming is the best therapy? Because being inside the water you have to really really relax.
You don't relax, you tenggelam.

Relaxation, yeah!


Edwina said...

You don't relax...your tenggelam *huhuhu* Funny! Tiah! I miss your humour!!!

Bashtiah said...

Ed, I nak swim at your place lah nanti!;)