December 21, 2010

Budak Cengeng

Or in other words, a cry baby. A self-pitying, very emotional, person.
Cepat menangis, lembik, jiwa tak kental. That's cengeng.
Not sure whether it's a Malay or Indonesian word but that's the meaning.
A friend of mine started using it first. She saw me crying on the phone to mum and there goes... Budak cengeng.

For some reason, these tears *Ahem* lacrimal fluid, (got to practice the science terms, dah nak buka sem, kan...) came out so easily... Seriously, so easy.

Ever watched the Hindustan movie, Mann? I cried EVERYTIME I watched it. And trust me, I watched it loads of time! I had this secret(not so secret anymore now, huh?) obsession with that movie. Not ALL Hindustan movie okay, only Mann. It's best to watch alone, though. You know, layan perasaan seorang diri and all that... My roommate used to get real fed up of me watching that movie that she would always made silly comments on the hero(wearing pants up to his belly button, striking coloured shirt and pants...) that me myself got fed up. Okay end of story.

Next story... It's about this swimming teacher. Unwell, but still didn't want to cancel the class... So, masuk air sejuk-sejuk and refused to wear the scuba suit to keep warmth because it is just so uncool to wear an oversized scuba suit, in a swimming pool pulak tu... But did you notice most swimming instructors do wear scuba suit in the swimming pool? Well I refused to, because it's big. Later when I have my own scuba suit, I'll wear it to class. To swimming class, I meant. Duh!

So then, swim teach demo swim teach demo, 2 hours class finally ended. Went to Tesco with Zahra, the straits swimmer to search for cheapo swimming suits (We planned on renting it to you girls who came to the pool with inners and t-shirts. Good news!) but unfortunately, there wasn't any. Aiyoo... We thought Tesco might have it because hello? Tesco is just next to PUSAT AKUATIK DARUL EHSAN. So logically, they should have it there kan, don't you think so?

Before that, having to leave my backpack at the counter that's when I realized I didn't have my purse with me.
No sweat. Lucky thing I just received new students so I used up the swimming fees first.

Now back to the pool.
Open my locker.
OMG OMG. Mana purse???!!

Called mum, nope.
Check check backpack, nope.
*Lacrimal fluid ready... One tear drop. Another tear drop*
Called mum again, nope.
*More tear drops*

Imagining the bronze medal and ILS card in the purse.
*More tear drops. Wipe all out with a towel and tried to think positive.* It's okay Bash, it's okay... You can take the ILS again, and this time your name will be spelled correctly, and you'll have a better picture too. (It's spelled BASTHIAH instead of BASHTIAH) self talk*

Called mum again. Mum said she'll come to Shah Alam.



Students arrived already. *More self talk* It's okay Bash, you go teach... Later you find it again.
Opened locker for the last time to check. Nope.

"Bash, ini purse ke?"
UWAAAAAAAAA......! Isk isk isk... BIG FAT TEARS came out just like that. Seriously, I did went crazy. Wailing and crying out loud just like a baby.
Called mum.
More big fat tears. Wailing and crying out loud just like a baby.
Mum said I was way too exhausted, and I should get a rest. Thanks mum. No need to come to Shah Alam, okay.

And thanks Zahra for the hug.

Stopped crying. Looked around. June, Daus, Halim, Faizal. All staring.
OMG. What have I done. What.Have.I.Done. Did I just cried out loud in public? I did not just did that!
Okay now this is embarrassing.
Totally embarrassing.
Keep purse back in the backpack. Said thank you to Faizal. Walked out of the lifeguard room and into the pool. Hoping that by the end of the class, after two hours those guys would all forget what they just saw.
I met my students with red, bulging, sore eyes.
Told them about the purse. Well, they have to know about their teacher, right?
Good thing they understand.

But it's still embarrassing though to be seen wailing and crying out loud just like a baby.

I wasn't shortlisted but hey, I still reached my goal which is to add more readers and actually promote the blog. Thanks a bunch to those who have voted and even dropped comments. And even to the extend of FOLLOWING! OMG... You have no idea how much it really really means to me. It means so much! And reading your comments at the shoutbox just made my day better. Thanks a whole load and do keep reading!


Ed said...

Hello, Tiah!
I know it is mean but I actually laughed out loud when reading this post...well, not funny when you lost the purse but the way you wrote it and how i was your supervisor-turned- friend....imagine your sengal punya reaction when you cried out loud tickles me...*hugs* Make sure you put your purse properly and no valuable things inside (remember Volunteer briefing kat zoo??) It is okay to cry, I did that too..plsy with red bogging eyes meeting my clients =) been there, done that! *hugs* see you around, gal!

Bashtiah said...

Hi Ed!
It does sound funny now but seriously at the moment I sedih gila gila tawu! I am sooo happy you still keep on reading my blog... Supervisor-turned-friend. Ececeh... Yup yup, I'll keep that in mind. Selalu lupa... Thank you thank you Ed!