December 8, 2010

The Shoulder

I told you before I've always wanted a swimmer's shoulder.

Aren't dainty.
Or proportional to my hips.
Some say they are like a man's.
I say. Leave man out of it.
They are mine.
I made them.
In a swimming pool.
Then I went to yoga.
And made my arms.

I told my students on the very first class that we're going to learn the "breaststroke". One of my students asked...

"Eh, ni style swimming yang besarkan dada tu eh?"
"Er... Besarkan dada tu taklah, tapi memang dada jadi bidang nanti..."

Okay okay, so "dada" here is actually your chest. Not the breast.

***You see, swimming make your muscles much more tonic so it actually gives you a firmer and better body posture. You tend to get a broader shoulder which actually gives the impression that you have a big breast. No, no, no... It's just that your chest has gotten broader.

***And... Breaststroke is famously known to train the breast and legs. So those who always walk bongkok-bongkok hunching hunching, better go swimming okay!

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