November 30, 2010

Wanna be famous no more.

When I was a very young teenage girl, I had a very big dream.
I wanna be FAMOUS.
I wanted to be on magazine covers, attend big big popular events, be on tv, meet the rich and famous, hangout at all those poshy posh posh places, travel to amazing places and meet all those oh-so-important people...
(Alaa... You know teenage girls, they always want to be like those pretty pretty women on tv, wear pretty pretty clothes...)

But that doesn't mean I wanted to be a singer. Or even an actress.
I wanted to be a tv presenter. A famous tv presenter.

Just like Asha Gill, famously known as the host of Lonely Planet Six Degrees.
Yes yes yes, I was influenced by this bubbly, outspoken tv presenter.

So, after SPM, I did what I believe could help me achieve that dream. I applied to further my studies in Mass Communication. I went to the interview in a kebaya nyonya, though it was stated that only baju kurung was allowed. Eheh... Just to be different and get attention because I believe that the chances are higher if I'm remembered. Hahah... I guess looks alone isn't enough.

I failed the interview. Kebaya or no kebaya, I still failed. But I was remembered. I met this this one Masscom guy and he actually remembered me as the girl who wore the green kebaya. Okay, that's cool.

I went to another interview for my degree but that was another story. Click here and there you can read read read!

But now, I no longer want to be famous. I watched Melodi just now. In case you're not that type who watch local tv stations (Yala yala... What's with all those Discovery Channel, Travel and Living, Cartoon Network...) Melodi is a tv show where they tell you all those hot gossips on hot hot people. Kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan prestasi! (Yea, right...)

Okay, imagine this.

You're shopping for clothes in this posh posh boutique and then this one reporter came and asked "Wah... Banyak shopping! Mana dapat duit banyak ni? Betul ke kamu melacur? Dengar cerita bla bla bla bla..."

Yes, that happens. I wonder what happened to reporters nowadays. Terjah! Like in Melodi just now, they did just that. Ambush some artist who is having his own sweet time spending spending money shopping shopping and then ask questions. Like OMG... The salesperson might not even know he's an artist and there this reporter came and bla bla bla you melacur bla bla bla...

Okay, I would love to be covered up in pretty pretty clothes and meet pretty pretty people and go to posh events, but hey, you know what, no thank you. My privacy is much much more worth than that.


Yong Sofea said...

tau takpe. omg! just imagine a reporter asked me that kind of ques, sumpah rasa macam nak lempang haha!

Bashtiah said...

Yong: Then there'll be a headline "Yong Sofea Tampar Wartawan". Hahahah...