November 11, 2010

Stuck in a Lift.

It was the last day of my friends here in college, and she just have to get stuck in the lift! Oh, by the way I searched for the meaning of elevator (Well, elevator and lift is the same thing) in Wikipedia and here's what it said:

An elevator (or lift) is a vertical transport equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a building, vessel or other structure.

Efficient? Efficient at certain times only, okay... Huh. I never really trusted Wikipedia to do my assignments anyway. Even at the zoo during my internship we're not allowed to use Wikipedia as a reference in completing our tasks.

I hate this type of elevator. I'm scared of heights. Gayat.

Kasihan Ruwaida... Kasihan Anis... Kasihan adik dan ibu Anis...
They actually got stuck on their way down to the ground floor from the fifth floor. It was a lucky thing we split into two groups (My three friends and I went down first) or else no one would have helped them out. We realized they were stuck when we heard the bell. I knew the bell came from that lift because I've been stucked in that lift before this. See how inefficient a lift can be?

While the other three friends went to ask help, I had this stupid idea. I actually knocked on the lift's door. I felt stupid knocking on a lift's door but you know what else is stupid? Trying to open the door with your bare hands. Heh. I only knocked, okay. Trying to open the door would be a ridiculous act, I know. 
My idea wasn't that stupid anyway. They knocked back. Eheh. So I know they were still on the ground floor.

Soon after, two maintenance guys came and yup, NINE people were saved. Ahah! We told the maintenance guys they had been trapped for almost half an hour when actually it was only about 10 minutes. So that's why they came fast. Tipu untuk kebaikan, okay.

Though I'm a bit phobic now of going in a lift, there's no way I'm going to walk up until the 8th floor! Aiyoo... Next semester I really should move out from this college. Into another college without a lift.

I'm glad everyone's safe but what disappoints me were the attitude of those who have this attitude:
"Kenapa? Terperangkap dalam lif?" 
And then wallked by without offering any help. 
Most of them! 
Our mentality really have to change. Be considerate. Oh, there's another mentality that we have to change. Click here. Try to care for other people because you see, we might need other people's help later too, okay...



siannya..mentality orang memang camtu..kolot tak abes2..tgk org menuju ke lif dorg leh ttp lif..jahat kan??

kingwazir~ said...

takutnya klu stuck~~

Bashtiah said...

HATI: Betul tu ecah... Cuba kalau diri sendiri kena, padan muka.
Kingwazir: Tau pun, memang scary oh...