November 22, 2010

Jantungku Jantungmu

My heart. And your heart.
When it bonds together, miracle.

Ah hahah... No no no, this is not a lovey dovey post. There's nothing related to those heart-feelings-emotion thingy... It's about the structure of the heart. Yes, the anatomy of it. You see, for anatomy class, we were taught to learn about the structure of each human body parts before knowing the functions.

My heart
And if you think this looks nowhere close to a heart, look at the lecturer's version.

PETAK. Empat segi.

The one thing I liked the most about this one lecturer is she always make things simple.

She would past by me (rubbing off the left side of the heart and drawing it again, then rub off again), and say "Kenapalaa susah payah sangat kamu ni..." (went to the whiteboard and less than 5 minutes, there you go, the structure of the heart). Just look at the way she drew the heart. The complex structure actually looked like 4 rooms only. And see, there's a door here, a pathway there...



first time visiting here!!!:D well, nice to learn something about science environment on this blog:D

Bashtiah said...

Thank you fifiey :D It's good to know someone actually enjoyed reading it. ;)