November 12, 2010

Cikgu Lifeguard

I'm trying to get myself a lifeguard instructor certificate. Okay to tell the truth I didn't intend to take that cert this soon (I'm only in the first semester... Like hello? I still got a long long way to go.). But you see, I was given a chance. An opportunity. I felt really really really honoured because you see they actually chose to give me a chance. Budak part one yang masih baru ini. Uhuhuuu... (Thanks Hazri!) Well basically based on the fact that I always joined in their training and helped around willingly. Well basically because I love teaching so that's why I came to sibuk sibuk.

For the past few months I've been teaching training teaching training my trainees to prepare them for the big test, the Bronze Medallion test. Which is exactly TOMORROW MORNING! Last night we had a pre-test. One of my trainees failed the chin-tow test. Her time was 3 mins 50 secs (It must be below 3 mins 15 secs) but I told her it was 3 mins 40 secs just to not let her down. 10 secs does makes a difference, okay! But she decided to quit, though. Aiyoo... I've been spending so much time on her. If only she would push herself a little bit harder... 
Now I know how it feels like to be a teacher

I've taught swimming before but this time it was really different. This time my students were put on a test.
It was like preparing your students for SPM. You have taught them everything and on the day, you could just hope they did their best. 

***Odah, Syira, and Shimi. Do your best okay! And for another trainee, Alif, whom I never train you even once, good luck! (I know you're a swimmer so well... That explains why. Eheh.) And for Ann, Sophie's trainee (She's a blogger too!), whom I've treated as my own, good luck too! I know you guys can do it!

(Eh. I actually made a dedication to loads of people when I'm not even sure they read my blog. *sweat*)


khairul naem said...

oh!! mak cik jakel.. bole la ajar sy yg xpandai swim ni.. bole x?? hehehe serious ni.. sejam sy bayar 2 ringgit?? ok x?? tp nice la awak buat keje mcm tu.. hebat tau! hihi.. gud luck ye :D

Bashtiah said...

Naem: Sorry, I don't teach for only RM 2. Penat tau nak dapatkan bronze medal tu. Heh. Oh thank you. By the way, all of them passed. Hoorey!

khairul naem said...

hahaha.. congratulation ye.. hebat kamu ni.. rm 2 xmau heh?? ok la.. satu session rm 30/1 hrs.. ok x?? hehehe.. nape penatnye.. cite sket.. hihi