November 14, 2010

Bukan Baywatch

When I told people I'm a lifeguard, they would automatically say 
"Oh... Macam Baywatch eh!" 
And trust me guys, I know what you're thinking. And imagining. 
I'm only a swimming pool lifeguard. I don't go save people drowning in the sea. That, is what we call an open water lifeguard

And speaking of lifeguard, 30 people finally get themselves that title today. Yup, they passed the Bronze Medallion test. All of them! And 5 lifeguards actually achieved International Lifesaver. And... And... TWO other senior lifeguards achieved the Award of Merit! That was like the most ultimate super duper level, man! 
*clap clap clap* *clap clap clap*

Okay... I really should have explain the lifeguard levels first, huh. Okay okay, there down here got picture meh.

See? Award of Merit is like the highest, ultimate ever!
I'm only an International Lifesaver... I hope to achieve Award of Merit before I graduated, though. Eheh.

Once you get the Bronze Medallion, you are officially a lifeguard. There are a few tests you have to pass, though. It's not easy to be a lifeguard, I tell you.

***My instructor once told me a lifeguard could get free entrance to any water themeparks. But I just came to know that it's simply a lie! Aiyoo... I thought I could you know, enter Sunway Lagoon for FREE. And then I can go there anytime I wanted to because you see, it's FREE kan. Ceh. What a big fat lie! Oh, today I got myself a lifeguard instructor certificate. Thank you trainees for doing your best! *clap clap clap*


khairul naem said...

wow.. well done cikgu lifeguards.. hehehe.. xlame lg dapat la tu certificate laen.. moving on ye.. (mcm iklan toyota) hahaha.. terang kan la sket kat blog kamu ni.. ape test kene buat utk achived sampai dapat merit tu.. :)mesti bp kamu ni hebat kan.. bagus2.. janji sehat! :) gud luck..

Bashtiah said...

Oh... Okay okay. Mmg nk terangkan but in another post lah sebab banyak sangat. TQ!