October 24, 2010

Memories of a Sweaty Interview

The bad thing about having a blog: When you suddenly thought of something, you immediately switch on your laptop and start typing. For hours. (Or does this apply to me alone?)

Okay, my first paper is tomorrow morning and I still have two more chapters to go. Thank you very much.
Somehow the thought of tomorrow's paper freaks me out. Thank you. Now I'm freaking nervous. Thank you.

Which... Actually brought back memories of the freakingly sweaty interview I had on 18th April 2010. It was a Sunday. Sweaty Sporty Sunday Shah Alam.

This is not going to be a detailed what-I-did-at-9.37 AM kind of post, okay. Let's kiss. Keep It Short and Simple. 'Cos I'm timing myself. By 3.31 PM I should successfully disconnect, and connect back to my new found lover, buku anatomy. I just had to write about my interview session because I'm actually starting my VERY FIRST paper tomorrow! Can you believe it? Time flies so fast! Okay, okay, okay. Now I'm being a lil' too over excited about the finals.
*Pause. And read again from top.*

GREAT. Looks like this blog is turning to be teah's diary.
*Scroll up, scroll down. Sigh.*

Ah well, the freakingly sweaty interview was certainly a sweaty one. Well, what do you expect? It's a sports science interview. Eh you know what, when I went for the medical check up, the doctor was actually surprised that one of the requirements for sports science is you have to go through this physical fitness test. Trust me, I did gave him a short lecture. Well, because I had a hard time during the test so I just have to let him know that it's a tough work to get accepted.

Okay so we had this physical fitness test first to begin with. This, I must say did no benefit at all for me. Because I did badly during the test that I had to goreng a WHOLE LOAD to convince the panels that I am fit. And it didn't help that the other person being interviewed was this girl who represented her state in kayak, AND... She did boast that she was actually training for SUKMA 2010.

Bleep test? Oh. She got up until LEVEL 8. And me? Let's just say I'm the one to stop first. And I was already out of breath. And I was also the first one to stop running. Loser. I was ashamed. Well who wouldn't? But I told them I'm not used to all these 'atas darat' activities. I'm a swimmer and I'm used to kicking in the water, not running.
Crap, I know...
I know I'm a loser. But I got a bottle of mineral water with a UiTM logo on it, though. A senior gave me. In which I still kept it in my box of memories. *shy*

Then... Go change go change!
This sweaty girl then went to change clothes to a sweet baju kurung. And yes, she didn't forget to touch up her make up. Blusher sini sikit, lipstick sini sikit... And change to a pair of heels. I was thinking; Even if I did badly in the fitness test, this time for the interview I'll rock it hard.

The interview.
I couldn't remember it was either Panel 6 or Panel 7, but the panels were two men. One skinny and another not so skinny. I sat in front of the skinny one. (Too much details here!)
Okay so the interview went well.

She boasted about her kayak achievements, I boasted about my ILS.

"Excuse me Sir, but this ILS is an International certificate. So I'm an International lifesaver. Do you know what I have to do to get that???"
(And go on blabbering about the 300 m test... I tend to speak a lot when I'm too nervous I tell you. I'll go haywire.)

I hate myself for being boastful.
She's way better than me, honestly.
This girl sitting next to me actually learnt sports science during her STPM.
Level 8. Kayak state representative. Have basic sports science knowledge. COMPLETE.

But I studied before I came.

The panel asked her what's gluteus maximus. She couldn't answer it.
Easy peasy simple pimple. That was the one thing that I remembered the most. 'Cos well, it's your ass we're talking about. Heh.
So I asked them isn't that the thing located at your butt?
Heh. I just made mummy proud. All three of us laughed. Hee... So my confidence level went up a bit.

Then they asked me about other muscles I know.
I told them trapezium, confidently. It was actually trapezius.

I told them another one, detroit. It was actually deltoid. Detroit is a city in Michigan. Couldn't help it. I am, afterall, a tourism student.

After that, I shut up and simply waited for their questions. No more showing off.
I told them one thing though.
I said,

"I may not be an athlete, but I can help people with my knowledge on sports."

They told me to change if I ever got accepted. No more lembut lembut sopan sopan.
And the skinny one actually said, "Tak boleh pakai macam ni."

Heheh... It's the end of the semester already and I don't see myself changing into a tomboy. Hah!

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