October 19, 2010

The End of First Semester

No more classes. No more extra classes. No more replacement classes.
No more quizzes. No more tests.
No more assignments.
*Phew!* I finally managed to survive the whole semester!

Did you know that I actually studied Anatomy on my very first day? Yes, I did. Well I woke up early and immediately read the introduction part. Simply because I was nervous. VERY nervous, I tell you. I was so nervous that time that I actually trembled while flipping through the first few pages. I had to take loads and loads of DEEP DEEP BREATH before reading the first sentence. Yes, I was that nervous.
Well... Just because I kept on thinking,

How the heck am I going to remember all these scientific terms after THREE years studying management?! Like hello??? I even got a C for ALL my science subjects in SPM!
(Alamak. Now I just revealed how bad I did in my SPM...)

Mak, I love you and that's the reason why I'm here. I'm willing to start everything from the first semester. While all my other friends are now successfully in the third semester. But hey, it's the quality that counts right? Well that's according to my mum. I'm a mummy's girl, I tell you. I'll do anything she told me to.

I have a confession. I actually cried on the first day of class. Though I started the day well enough, things don't really went well.

First, I went to the wrong briefing session. The only friends I had were those third semester students which were also my levelmates. So the briefing that I went to were actually for third semester students. Talk about acting like a senior. I'm bad at it. The coordinator mentioned about a girl writing notes on her gastrocnemius during the examination. Everyone laughed their heart out. I only managed to 'Heh. Heh'. Busted. I don't get it. Hey mister, you got one tourism student here... Gastroc-what??? Later on a friend kindly told me and oh... Now I know.

LESSON ONE: Gastrocnemius is the calf muscle. I even found a sexy picture of it.

Sexy 'aite? And with a pair of heels to match. Mind that.

The class was cancelled when I was only a few steps away from reaching the faculty. I know this was a normal thing. But I cried. Eh. I meant, I went back to my room and cried. I wouldn't cry in public, okay. (Though now I'm actually admitting it in public... *shy*)

And that's it. Only during that one time did I cried. Other than that, when I feel stressed out, I head to the pool. Heh. Just to swim my problems away. I'm so glad there's a swimming pool here. That's the one thing that I love here.

I also had this habit of self-motivating. See?

See how I crossed 'great' to 'GREAT'? Yes, people. Capital letters are meant to FOCUS more, emphasize more. So yes, I believed that I did GREAT in surviving this semester.
Let's just hope I did GREAT in the finals too!

***Oh, I used to had braces on, hence the teeth picture. Other than that; the Hello Kitty thingy, white eyeliner, bla bla bla... I'll keep it to myself, thank you. Hee.


khairul naem said...

wow!! liku2 idup yg susah.. biase la.. lame2 nnti kamu akan biase dgr.. terms2 dier utk otot tu, biase la.. ae byk.. tp just amek yg penting je..
(padahal sume penting) hehehe.. level tu same je.. tingal lagi dulu at difference course.. tu u need to study more.. tp mmg pn.. ari2 tgk bawak buku anatomy ke hulu ke hilir.. hebat.. :) keep it up sweet girls.. ;D

Bashtiah said...

naem: X adalah sepanjang masa pun dengan buku anatomy tu...hahah... Tapi iyelah, benda baru mmg kena fokus lebih. Tq!

khairul naem said...

hahaha.. sbb selalu nampak pikul buku tu ke sane sini.. tu yg igt selalu dgn buku tu.. tp kire ok la.. janji semangat.. hihi