September 16, 2010


Mentality is a particular attitude or way of thinking, especially one that you think is wrong or stupid.

(Oh oh... While searching for the word mentality in my Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, I found this word "siege mentality". Check out the meaning! So cool... Seriously. Well, I think so... Heh.)

I went out shopping for groceries just now... And such a disappointment!
Such shame...

Remember my post on lost items in the supermarket?
Okay... Not to repeat the same thing, but you see... This time things are worst. There are loads more misplaced items compared to other places. Alaa... It's not even misplaced. People purposely place the items there. You see, this time in ECONSAVE I found a plastic of fishes between boxes of cereals. And Twisties between tins of sardines... A packet of sugar on a toothpaste rack... The list goes on and on and on.

Judging from the type of cars at the parking lot, I could say these people who came shopping here were not from the low class. (Unlike my mum and I... We came in a 3-coloured Satria...)
But such a low morale...*sigh*

Well, my mum and I tried to be a good customer by returning back the trolley after using it back to its' place, though it was quite far from where we parked our car. But not to the extent of collecting each item and placing them back to its' place. Heh. I'm not that good...

I really hope you, my dear dear readers wouldn't act like that too. It gives a bad impression to the surrounding society too, you know. Like my mum would say and I quote "Kaya je, tapi pengotor."

**Siege mentality: The feeling among a group of people that they are surrounded by enemies and must do everything they can to protect themselves.


Sophie Al-yahya said...

Bash! betul la..tak suka tengok orang buat macam tu. Yang kesian adalah pekerja.Sebab bila cukup bulan mesti kena kira stock.Baki stok kena sama bila tolak pembelian customer.Jadi akan ada byk kurang lah bila stok diletakkan tempat lain.

Bashtiah said...

Haa.. Betul tu! Rasanya kan mesti sebab kita tak hormatkan pekerja tu. Samalah macam pengutip sampah... Tak semestinya itu tugas pekerja tu jadi kita boleh buang sampah merata-rata...