September 21, 2010

The Girl with the Pink Umbrella

Again. I was touched by a random act of kindness.
No, it wasn't another TV show. Heh.

I was trapped in the rain today.
I waited for the rain to stop pouring but it didn't. It even got heavier.
I didn't want to say it was raining cats and dogs as I was a bit bored of using this idiom already... But you see, I didn't have a very wide vocabulary, heheh... So... Yes, it was raining cats and dogs. And there was also lightning. And I'm very sure everyone is aware of the fact that water, combined with lightning equals to DANGER. Yup, that's why we lifeguards would chase you guys out of the swimming pool when there's lightning. (Hujan tak apa, bila ada guruh jangan.)

So I waited outside the ATM room because it was too cold inside...
(Honestly, ATM room sounded a bit weird but, oh well...)

Then this girl with a pink umbrella came. No, she didn't came to pick me up. I didn't even know her, but she smiled at me. Yes, yes, yes, I was very sure she smiled at me as I was the only one there. She couldn't have smiled at the ATMs, right? *Lame joke.*

I wasn't really expecting any good deed from her though I do have the intention to steal her umbrella... Heh. That is, if she left it outside.. Well, she didn't. Hah.

It seems that I'm the only one with a bad intention...
She offered to share her umbrella! Basically because we're staying in the same college.
My reaction: "Serius ke??? Alamak! Baiknya! Tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu!"
I was very very touched! I was like, you know, a total stranger.

Um. But. But... Don't you think the umbrella was a bit too small for the two of us?

I exaggerated my body size. It fits both of us well enough. I'm not as big as I think I am. Heh.
Thank you very very much Ms-Pink-Umbrella-Wearing-Baju-Kurung! Sorry I forgot to ask your name... You deserved a post!

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