September 27, 2010

Flying in a pool of water...

Lifeguarding can be a very boring job. Especially when you love water A LOT and all you can do is just watch people swimming. Basically, you are paid to watch. So today, as usual I brought along my notes to study by the poolside. Sambil kerja, sambil belajar. Well, because according to my past observations, the number of people swimming during this session never exceeds FIVE. So, it's really a bit relaxing, this session.

All you've got to do is sit on this high chair and observe.

But today things were a bit different.
An athlete came swimming to this humble pool today.
OH. I want that chest. A swimmers' chest. It's broad, tough, and triangular. Like Superman.
I saw Raja at the pool today. No, not 'raja' as in king, but Raja Azlina Izzah, the swimmer.
The national swimmer.

I recognized her from the swimming suit. The same swimming suit she wore during the interfaculty swimming competition. Basically because there's MALAYSIA written on it.

So she swims. Freestyle.
I'm amazed. REALLY amazed.
How could she move so swiftly in the water?!
Senyap. Letak nota ke tepi. And observe.
It's like she's flying. So graceful. Looks effortless, yet she moves fast.
Swim, swim, swim and she finished one lap already.

Okay, okay... Continue reading. Don't want to get busted for staring too much. *shy*
Freestyle cantik. Cantik gila.

There were certain times when she swam the breaststroke, my favourite stroke compared to other three strokes. Very very fast, okay. It looked like she has put a lot of effort on it. The way she ducked her head back in after each breath, her hand movement, leg movement... Her breaststroke doesn't look as relaxed as her freestyle. But who am I to judge, right... Maybe it was part of the training or something. Yup, she is, after all, an athlete.

I am no swimmer. I do swim. But I don't really believe in competing. I just don't. No, I'm not saying this because I couldn't swim as fast as her okay... Hah! It's just that, I found swimming as a form of escapism. I could swim for laps and my mind would go wondering around. Swimming also gives me time to think. And according to research, swimming does tend to make a person loses one's self. So I guess I'm not the only one who swim my problems away in the water, heh.

I just LOVE clean swimming pools.
Mari pergi berenang!

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