July 27, 2017

Ah forget it!

There was this one time, we were getting ready to meet a representative from an agency. Something important for the business. The thing is, going out now is so not like the good ol bujang days. With Sofia, I had to bathe her, feed her, pack her drinks, diapers, napkin, wet wipes... Baru boleh bertolak.

But since we had to rush, I didn't bathe her. After feeding her breakfast, we were all set to go. I thought we were early enough. Well, no. The representative left already. We could have just go to their office but Sofia wouldn't cooperate. Bath time, hello? Mama, it's bath time!

I know I shouldn't give up, but I did. We went straight home and in my mind I told myself, 'Ah forget it. I'll just focus on Sofia for now. When you're older, I'll do what I want'.

Because if I didn't set my mind like that I'd get stressed and let it out on her. I have finally realised (after many times) that I'd get stressed if I didn't get what I want. If I still insisted on doing it but didn't managed to, I'd get stressed. Like there was this one time I wanted to watch TV but Sofia kept going here and there, didn't want to watch together with me. I got so stressed until my mum smacked, "Hah inilah dia ibu moden sekarang, pentingkan TV". So yeah, Sofia first.

The next day, I dressed her up in a pretty dress. Baju jalan. Padahal we weren't going anywhere pun. I just feel like dressing her up. Like, making her wear nice clothes when I'm home, konon I took good care of her. Faham tak? I actually have to convince myself that me staying home just to care for her is a good thing. It's a psychological thing. Besides, siapa sanggup marah budak comel, kan?

See that pen she's holding? I got that from Dorsett Pink, hadiah Top Commentor. Yeah I won the Top Commentor. HAH. Macam nak tergelak because sebaik menang I didn't comment as much as I did before. Sorry, DP! If got competition again, I'll comment. Okay, just joking.

Anyhow... That smile and that pen. I was actually doing work when she just grabbed it. And smiled. Okay tak payah kerja! That second picture was as if she was saying, "You want this pen, mama? Just forget it."


Picture taken on 5th July 2017.


Nurzakiah Hanum said...

so cute

Adam said...

Hopefully you could let me know what happened with your appointment with the representative of an agency. I believe that is the main issue in this entry.


Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Thank you 😊

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Well, it just ended like that. No follow up pun.