October 10, 2016

Burping Sofia

Sofia spits up on my shoulder and I'm happy! Even the sour smell makes me happy!

Sofia is an infrequent burper. It took us ages to burp her. And when she does burp, it's usually the cute one, not the monstrous one. I know it is important to burp her after each feeding but I rarely succeed. I would usually pass her to Iz or my mum to burp her. Because like I said, it took ages and I rarely succeed in making her burp.

Last night, my best friend who's a houseman training in the paediatric department came to visit. After nursing Sofia, I simply laid her on my bed. Being a doctor in training, and a caring bestie, she asked haven't I burped her? Told her ah it's just a quick one, no need to burp kut...

And she went on about how important it is to burp a baby. One of the points is so they can sleep well. Sleep well? Bingo! Teach me, teach me! And so she taught me to cup my hand. All these while we would just rub her back, up down up down. So she taught me to cup my hand while patting her back. Can pat a bit harder coz when you cup your hand it wouldn't hurt her pun.

Just now Sofia wouldn't sleep even after feeding her formula milk. I thought she wanted to latch so I let her. While nursing her she suddenly coughed. I picked her up and held her against my chest and began patting her back while cupping my hand. Burp...! And a spit up on my shoulder. Then she went to sleep. She's still sleeping as I'm typing this so it's a good sign.

Immediately texted bestie, it worked weh! Such advice from an unmarried friend.

A cupped hand from Google.


yolanda diego said...

betul la kite kene brup2 kan baby lepas minum susu. baru perut dia selesa. kita pun senang.

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Yup. Much better now. Sekarang dah make sure mesti burp.

Orked V. said...

adam masa dalam pantang tersangat la susah nak burp. sampai kalau berjaya @ suddenly adam burp, everyone was like "haaaaaa" (tone puas hati) bahahahahahhahhahaha

adam pernah muak susu sampai terpancut dari hidung. panick gila time tu.
last nya sya buat cmne taw, kalau tak berjaya burp, baringkan atas dada. macam meniarap tu. once dah burp, baru baring macam biase.

all the best bash! tengok update pasal sofia rasa nak bagi adam adik jek. bahahahahahahahhahahahahha. pengsannnn. adam baru 10 bulan. #maksenget :D

Mommy Cici said...

I pun jenis malas nak sendawakan baby. selalu I buat atas bahu tu , maybe boleh try cara ni after this>,<

good sharing

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Uih terpancut dari hidung? Weh kalau bash pun panic laaa... Hehe rasanya dah banyak kali dah sebut pasal nak bagi adik kat adam.. Hahahah!

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Thanks, mommy cici! Orait, nanti cuba juga 😊