January 14, 2013

Think like your momma

My female cat who is only a few months old is in risk of getting pregnant!

Her name's Dompok. The name's quite ugly and a bit kampung-ish but trust me, she had long and fluffy furs just like those RM 3 000 worth cats. People wouldn't believe her mother is really her mother because the mother didn't have long and fluffy furs. We're just lucky, I guess. To get a RM 3000-worth looking cat. And I just have to name her Dompok. Hahahah.... Wanted to call her 'fluffy' but then it just sounded so spit-ful. Try saying 'fluffy, fluffy, fluffy...' See? The screen's splattered with spit already. Haha...

The pedophile is my other cat, who is actually her uncle. The mother's brother.
The male cat didn't have long and fluffy furs like her. So I thought no way, no way! I want her to be with the neighbour's cat, Muizah, who have long and fluffy furs like her. Baru setaraf. 

Besides, she still haven't reach a year yet! And she's too small, too young! I still want to play around with her. If she's pregnant, she'll have to take care of her kids. My main point is, I'm not ready to let her go and be a mother. And I don't think she's ready yet because she's still too small! Okay, logically, I'm not sure if she's ready or not or will she be happy having kids. I don't understand cat talk.

But all I know is just that I wanted the best for her. Then I realized- OMG I sound like a mother!!!

And so I realized, this must be what my mum have felt too, when I told her the other half is asking about having an engagement. To let go or not to let go. Ready or not ready.

In the case of Dompok, I gave her pills. Pil perancang.
In my case... No, thank you. I'm sure I don't need pills.

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