October 10, 2011

Apa Anak Tahu?

The last time I went back home by public transport, I got scolded BIG time with my mum. Like, REALLY big time.

It so happened that the KTM train had to stop at one station before the one I'm supposed to stop. I could just take another train but I didn't. It wasn't too far from the next station so I expected my mum to pick me up at this particular station.

And it so happened that my mum didn't bring along her handphone so she wasn't aware of the fact that I stopped at this particular station.

Hence, we waited for each other at different places for more than an hour.
It was already nearly midnight.

I called elder brother and he rushed to my mum at the station to inform her.
The relieved feeling upon getting a phone call from my mum disappeared in a split second once I answered her call.
"Hello..." (relieved)

"Tren rosak, kena stop kat sini..."

I couldn't remember the rest, but I did told her not to pick me up and that I'll go back to Shah Alam that very night.
Oh. After that I cried. Yes, at the bus stop. Memang cry baby betul...

There were two other ladies at the bus stop and neither one of them consulted me. They should at least smiled... I was crying non-stop, until I got hiccups and yet they pretended not to notice.

When my mum arrived... 
As soon as I got into the car I was bombarded greatly. I seldom talk back but that night was something different. She said this I said that. And then one line makes me realize:
"Biarla mak drive sorang pun, jam ke apa ke, Tiah dah ada selamat dengan mak"

* * * * * * * * * *
Why my mum was so mad about me getting home by public transport?
Because she already offered to pick me up from college. She already offered.

Why I still insisted on going back alone by public transport?
Because I didn't want to burden my mum having to drive alone all the way just to pick me up. 
Jangan melawan kata ibu anda ya :)
But what I didn't realize is...

No matter how tiring it is for her to drive alone all the way, the most important thing is my safety. She was really really worried as late at night I'm still stuck somewhere out there alone.


Namee Roslan said...

so sweet ;') haa dengar tu Tiah. next time takmau degil cakap mak. mak kata nak hantar biar mak hantar. buat apa gatai naik KTM..at last kena himpit kepam dengan semua bulu dada mat bangla haa as if ladies coach penuh. kan ke sengsaraaaa... :D haha

Pocket said...

she was worried about her dearest daughter, u should listen to her.
but then again u got your point too.
not to burden your parent too much.

but u know what,
parent are like lilin,
happily burning themself just for a spot of light for their son / daughters :D

Bashtiah said...

Iye iye... Betul. Setiap yang mak pesan tu kena dengar, ada betulnya tu. Baru tahu padan muka patut dengar cakap mak je.

Sometimes I did feel like we should you know, help lessen their burden one in a while. But maybe it's not the time yet..

gracie said...

That's so touching. After reading this I had to sms my ma and tell her I love her. Don't do it often enough.

El-Janna said...

ye.. kadang kadang xsedar pun.. mmg betull mak kita je yg tahu ape yg terbaik utuk kite... pernah juga belaku cam ni.. tacing a pastu^^

Bashtiah said...

Ya, ya... We should always take note of this. Show our appreciation ;)

Hm. Betul kan... Kita ni je yang masih tak arif lagi pasal dunia ni.. heh.