July 5, 2011

Perfect Nails (Beauty Tips!)

Every woman wanted to be pretty; from top to toe, inside out. Oh yea, so that includes our nails. But not all woman can afford going for a manicure or pedicure. Even me myself haven't tried going to one...

Okay straight to the point. Use belimbing buluh for your nails. It will give your nails a very shiny, polished look. Simply rub them on your nails. Instant shine, seriously! And the shine lasts up til' 2 to 3 days! The shine lasts okay. It lasts... When I said lasts, I meant tahan lama
This one, okay.

Not this one.

And... The most important thing is, ladies, you don't have to wait until that time to get your nails done. Us Muslim women can only wear nail polish during that period. Nanti tak sah pula nak ambil wuduk kan... So yeah, just rub rub rub this fruit on your nails!

Go on, try it. :)

*I've tried it myself and I've become obsessed with my nails. I kept on looking at them "Aaah... Cantiknya. Macam gadis ayu~" HA-HA.


Nyna Roxford said...

So fun! Nak cari la nanti! Thanks for the tips! :D

Bashtiah said...

Yes yes, go find it! :D

Zakwan said...

dh try, xjdk [nokhtah]

Bashtiah said...

Oh yeke zakwan.
Sebabnya I try jadi je. Depends on orang jugaklah agaknya..haha.