June 17, 2011

Sipi-Sipi Anugerah Dekan

Oh so thankful...! The second semester’s result is out already and I received a Dean’s List. Though not so hebat pun... 3.52 only~ Sangat sipi-sipi kan… But anyway, a Dean’s List is still a Dean’s List though only 0.02, right? Right! Hehee…
It's a good thing UiTM started to e-mail our examination results instead of having to go to the Student Portal. I still remember during my Diploma days where we can only check our result the day after as the line is too busy. Traffic jam.

Oh, I'm just listing out my result here for my own reference later on... (And for you to err... Judge me? -.-")

  • Presentation Skills A- (late submission of speech outline, okay fine...)
  • Fitness Testing and Evaluation B+ (conducted agility T-test on a wet court)
  • Kinesiology B+ (first assignment suspected plagiarism...)
  • Exercise Nutrition A- (Maybe because I slept during his class, that's why I got A minus...)
  • Law Relating to Sport and Recreation B+ (arrived at class 9 pm when class actually started at 7.30 pm and ended at 9.30 pm)
  • Prevention and Care of Sport Injuries B+ (tak tahan kaki busuk atlit...)
  • Event Management A (because I studied tourism management before this for 3 years. *berlagak*)

So yeah, this semester 3.52, and then next semester hopefully, my grades would get better. I'm aiming to graduate with a first-class honours degree to avoid having to pay back my degree study loan (PTPTN)... I took a loan for my diploma as well, so you can imagine how much I have to pay later. Hopefully la kan, hopefully~

Last semester I only received 3.35, this semester I managed to improve my grades. So again, hopefully, next semester would be better. MUCH better!

Honestly I don't think my result is that great, that hebat, that gempak... But mum said it's good enough already. Good enough, but not GREAT. I know, I know... .52 je pun, bukan .89 or .91... Tapi, tapi...

Iyala, considering the fact that other than being a student, I'm also responsible for the safety of the swimming pool visitors... Heh. Yeah right, as if I'm in charge of doing that 24/7. Basically her point is other than being a full time student, I'm also working part time. And it's not easy to study and work at the same time.

Though there are certain times that I felt like not going to work (lifeguard duty) as I have a lot of tests, assignments, and quizzes but thinking about my responsibility makes me feel, responsible. One lady nearly drowned in front of me while I'm on duty... I would feel very very guilty if I didn't come for duty and it so happened that someone drowned... Guilty kan??? Sangat okay, sangat.

Oh anyhow, I'm not sure why but this time I didn't feel so nervous before checking my result. I was like, "Okay esok result keluar. Agak-agak berapa eh aku dapat..." but the heart wasn't beating any faster pun...

Oh oh oh! I really really have to thank my lecturers and friends and family for all the support given. I admit I've been quite busy running here running there, rushing here rushing there... If not for my classmates helping me and reminding me of all those teensy weensy stuffs, I wouldn't be able to made it. Like, seriously. I remembered one time when I was busy with BEL class (it has always been BEL class that bugs me... Hahah...) that I left my group members to submit our assignment. All I did was e-mail my part to them for them to compile everything and then they were the ones who submitted it. Those two guys, seriously, memang banyak bersabar okayyyy dengan perempuan ini~ THANK YOU! (if you happen to read my blog secretly lah... hah!)

Oh well, anyhow anyway. Tahniah Bashtiah. :)
Syukur, syukur...

Psst... Psst... Ni subjek event dah dapat A ni, malas pulak nak buat report event untuk submit kat ofos. Hahaha~


Yong Sofea said...

Fuyohhhhh! Congrats Bash~ Sipi-sipi but still, you're able to reach the Dean's List! :D

~AiNa~ said...

tahniah tahniah tahniah bash ;)))
xpela sipi2 pon jnji dpt taw!

Bashtiah said...

Thank you Yong! Thank you aina, kembar bash ;p!

aisyah ahmad said...

congrats bash :)

Anonymous said...

whoa. tahniah! keep on going! you can do it :))

Bashtiah said...

Thank you Ecah! Oh, rindu pulak kawan2 tourism...

Thank you Kamal! Yes, yes... I'll try to keep on going. InsyaAllah. ;D