June 21, 2011

Satu Subjek Satu Semester

(When I don't have any good idea what to write, I like to just flashback...)

Prevention and Care of Sport Injuries is one of 7 subjects I took last semester. The assignments for that ONE subject consisted of A WHOLE LOAD of assignments! The lecturer gave a lot of assignments and field work as if his subject was the only one we were studying for the whole semester... Yes I complained a lot before, but not now as looking back I realized it was actually quite a lot of fun and I do learnt a lot just from doing the assignments.

A hands-on experience, I must say, got me to understand the subject better. In just this one subject, I learnt sports massage,strapping and taping, and added more knowledge on CPR.

Sports Massage
I never knew massaging could be so tiring! Oh, and FYI, these tiny tiny fingers of mine are said to be much better compared to bulky hands as the pressure is more precise. It gets to the nerve much better. For say, like example, comparing a needle and a ball pen. A needle is much more precise kan?

The massaging class was done in a classroom but female and male were in separate rooms lah of course. -.-"
Oh, by the way the instructor is a man, not a woman, mind you. But... Lelaki, lelaki pun, my friend said his hands are oh-so-soft~ Tapi dia bukan lembut tahu! A masculine man with soft hands. Ha.

Strapping and Taping
Haa... This one is one of the hardest, I believe. I just couldn't tear the tape (elastic tape)! My fingers hurt so bad okay... Even to the extent that even my fingernails felt like tearing off! The instructor came and tear it off oh-so-easily~ Only then I know that it's easier to tear the tape upwards with the sticky side facing down.

But I still had a tough time tearing it off, though.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Oh CPR. Basically I've learnt about CPR few times already (bronze medal training) but it was only during this time that I came to know that there's one way for you to save a person's life WITHOUT any mouth to mouth contact (sooo eww gelinya, right?). You only have to do 100 chest compressions a minute.
Compress only, no direct skin contact.

Well so that sums up that one subject. Completing 10 hours of being a sports first aider was also included. I've already written a post on it. Click here and here. Read on if you feel like it. :)


The Green Girl said...

That's so cool you learned all that. What a great area to be educated in.

Bashtiah said...

Hi GG! Oh definitely, it's more hands-on too. ;D