June 4, 2011

Not Ashamed To Be Single

My friend was asked by this one girl she just met if she has a boyfriend(my friend is currently single). The girl happened to be a few years younger than my friend, and yes, this girl do have a boyfriend. When my friend said she's really single, this is what the girl said:

"Tak malu ke dah 22 takde boyfriend?"
(Aren't you ashamed of not having a boyfriend at the age of 22?)

Upon hearing this, I was a bit insulted. Okay honestly, not only insulted but mad as well. Ha'ah, marah! Yes, I'm mad at that particular girl for saying that and OMG... Such an opinion! SUCH. AN. OPINION. Hey girl, you are so wrong!

Why should we be embarrassed of not having a boyfriend at the age of 22?

*Calm down, calm down*

I, for one, don't believe in being in a relationship just for the sake of you know, being in a relationship. Like, if you're single you're a loser. If you have a boyfriend, you're hot. Tak ada pakwe, tak laku.

There's nothing to be embarrassed of, really. It's just that we haven't met the one. The one that is already destinied for us. Even we ourselves didn't know who our future husband would be. Jodoh di tangan Tuhan. You might have a boyfriend and have been with him for 10 years, but if he's not destinied for you, that's it.

And that is exactly why we, ladies, especially, have to take GOOD GOOD care of ourselves before getting married.

Your boyfriend whom you loved so much tuuu is not confirmed yet to be your husband. The boyfriend can say anything "I janji akan jaga you. You bagi lah I pegang tangan, okay..." Hah, yeah right~ If, your boyfriend loved you SO MUCH, he wouldn't ask to hold your hand(for Muslims) because it's haram to do so.

Okay so imagine this. Let's say you already have a boyfriend. I guess that particular girl would then ask:

"Eh laa, kau ni tak pernah buat BENDA TU ke dengan dia?"
(Haven't you done IT with him?)
*IT referring to you-know-what*

Get what I meant? I'm not against couple-ing before marriage... We have the right to share our love...

But it's a woman's dignity we're talking about here. And there is nothing wrong about being single at the age of 22. So there.


Nyna Roxford said...

Agreed! Being single doesn't mean we're losers.

Khadija Sakaria said...

apa yg kisah sgt dgn berboyfren. sy juga single. im single, im perfectly okay :)

Bashtiah said...

Nyna: Oh yeah! No rules stating that.

Khadija: Ha'ah, it's not the end of the world pun if you're boyfriend-less.. :D

Miasuraya said...

"I, for one, don't believe in being in a relationship just for the sake of you know, being in a relationship."


It's always tiring to hear about girls who claim (on and on and on, so fake) that they're really enjoying singleton and don't need a man. Tiring, too to look at girls who need to be in a relationship, just for the sake of having a relationship.

You, on the other hand, are comfortable with your own self. I think that's really cool :)

Bashtiah said...

Oh yea, sometimes they're just trying to cover up by pretending that they're okay. The other way around (being in a relationship just for the sake of it) is the same too. Hah.

Oh thank you. ;)

nurulSYAFIKA. said...

yuck what a shallow minded girl.
i pun marah jugak bila u ckp that girl ckp tak malu ke tak ada bf like apa motif dia eh? minda tu cetek sgt ish terlebih emo pulak.

Yong Sofea said...

What's important is that we take care of ourself and prepare like 100% before the time comes. When the time comes, it comes lah kan. Takpayah kejar-kejar. :)

The Green Girl said...

Girl, I am so with you on this one!

Bashtiah said...

Pika: True enough. I don't know, showing off she has a boyfriend. That's her motive I guess... Since she's younger. Duh... Don't even care a bit.

Yong: Oh yes yes, I agree with you. 'Prepare'. That's it. Just improve ourselves so when the time comes, we're good enough. ;)

Green Girl: Thank you GG!