April 25, 2011

Hampir Lemas

Dear readers,
Do pray for my safety and well-being...

I'm facing quite a tough situation now where I'm a bit scared to go out on my own by myself.
All I need right now is a pool of water to drown all these stress...

But that swimming pool is the most dangerous place to go now.

Yes, there's another pool at the Dataran Tunku Fauziah but that place is not swim-able. Yes, the one yang bentuk lapan tu... It's not even a swimming pool, it's a water fountain. Plus, it's not shaded, I'll get sunburned! And when I'm dark skinned, I feel ugly. No offense ya dark skinned people! I just am a bit phobic of being dark skinned...

I couldn't go to Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan either because for someone who depend solely on public transportations, going there would take most of my study time... It's the finals already, hello~ Plus, the journey there alone is even more dangerous.

I've been threatened. All I wanted to do is swim and teach swimming but when you've been threatened and the only place where you love is now the most dangerous place to go... All you can do is just avoid going there. I talked to mum. I told her I so wanted to swim. I needed a swim, I'm stressed! Never in my life has she ever gave me this advice:

"Jangan pergi pool, duduk bilik je tido."
(Don't go to the pool, stay in your room and sleep.)

I don't blame mum, she's right. Going to that pool now would risk myself... I'm a woman.

It's a tough situation now. Yes, I cried. I cried BIG time... But I got up.

"Menangis-menangis pun, aku tetap akan lawan!"

I did cried. I cried a lot. But I'm not weak. I'll fight.
There's no way I'm going to give up. I've been through tougher situations than this.

I know I don't deserve to be yelled at like that. Lucky thing I heard it through a simple RM 80 Nokia phone, or else I could have recorded it and send it to the police. Heh. And then, by that time the yeller will be in trouble. Even a teacher pinching her student could be sent to court, what more a man harassing a woman. Oh oh, lets add to that: threatening! Ugutan. OMG... Such a lot of crime!

I'm on the right side. I'm not scared. I have Allah. I guess some people do tend to forget God sometimes, believing they are more powerful.
These are all down-syndrome children. This happened on 20th May 2009 where my mum and I got the opportunity to conduct an aquarobic session with them.


Sophie Al-yahya said...

sabarlah bash.
bercakap benar aje.
insyaAllah Allah akan melindungi mereka yang benar.

The Green Girl said...

Sending you lots and lots of positive energy. ::hugs::

Bashtiah said...

Sophie: Thank you... :)

Green Girl: Thank you Green Girl! I do need loads of those now. ;D

Khadija Sakaria said...

alla tawu sape benar sapa salah. be strong girl.

Bashtiah said...

Thanks Khadija. :)

d'enricher said...

Dear Girl,

I was told of your predicament my one of your life Guard friend.

Don't worry, be brave be smart, however always be careful,insyaallah you will be ok.

Take care and good luck on your exam.

Bashtiah said...

d'enricher: Thank you for the encouraging words! :)