March 15, 2011


I've never slept during class before.
Betul... Like, never EVER.

Tipu tipu tipu~

Okay fine, maybe ONCE. So far as I remember, I only slept in class during CTU class back when I was studying in Malacca. CTU (if you're not a UiTM student), is an Islamic studies subject. Yes, yes, oh yes, I believe I only slept in class only that one time. And trust me, I did feel really really guilty! I feel like I've betrayed my lecturer!

But just now, in Nutrition class...
I actually fell asleep again for the second time! Like, for the second time in his class! Last week, and today. Both in the same class. Hah! Second time, okay people. The second time! But you know what, I didn't really feel guilty this time. I woke up, look at him, look at the presentation screen, look at my notes, and continued the learning process. We were learning about Protein, and just so you know, we already learnt about Protein in our Kinesiology class... So you see... Er er... Not to call myself an expert, but I learnt already about protein... Ehehee...

Most people said during degree studies, you will change.
Yup yup... WE do change. In fact, we really have to change. During degree studies, you are expected to do more research on your own. I did my research last night, that's why I became so sleepy in class... *Such an excuse!*

I'm really not the type who sleep during classes... A friend of mine just now said,

"Aku tengok Bash pun tido dalam kelas, lena je... Bash mana pernah tido dalam kelas. Aku pun apa lagi..."

Good Bashtiah, you just set a good example. And you call yourself the class rep for Nutrition class. Bagus.

When you've done something bad, you have to try and cover it up. Rebuild your image! So I decided to ask a question at the end of the class. You see, asking questions didn't always show that you're stupid. It actually showed that you're smart and also gives an impression that you think more than the others. Eheh.
(Most of the time, I asked questions really to get more understanding, but this time, I asked just for the sake of you know, asking. And to cover up.)

So just to gain back the good perception from the lecturer, I asked:

"Sir, second class protein kan plant-based. Compared to first class protein yang dapat dari ayam. Macam mana second class protein tu nk bagi compliment macam first class protein tu. Macam vegetarians, tu kan."
(Ehehee... I've already stated the classes of protein, so you see Sir, I'm not a bad student who only sleep during class... I know the classes of protein, okayyy...)

Well, that's what I thought.
He replied:

"Okay. First of all, for your information the term you use which is first class protein and second class protein is wrong. We call them complete protein and incomplete protein... As I've said earlier..."

Hah. Ambik kau. Tidur dalam kelas lagi... Padan muka.

Moral of the story:
If you do happen to sleep in class, make sure you use your phone as a recorder first. Like hello? What's the use of technology kan.


Yong Sofea said...

hahaha bash, you're so funny! :DDD well, at least now i know the real name for them. complete and incomplete. not first class and second class. XP

Bashtiah said...

Hi Yong! Good to hear that. So next time you can use the correct term. ;)