February 10, 2011

Kerja Kolam!

When you're enthusiastic about something, you tend to always want to mention about it.

Back from swimming, I dropped by at this shop selling yong tau fu...

The scene:
I was waiting for the yong tau fu being cooked. Auntie Yong Tau Fu decided to have a chat with me since there wasn't any other customers around.

"Adik dah habis belajar ke dik?" (She actually meant to ask have I finished class for the day.)

"Eh belum, tapi memang tak balik sebab kerja dekat kolam tu..." (Eh not yet, but I'm not going back because I worked at the pool.)

"Ada kolam kat sini?" (There's a pool here?)

"Ada, ada! Tu yang bumbung biru tu hah... Saya mengajar berenang jugak ni." (Yes, yes! There, the one with the blue roof. I teach swimming too.)
And well, you can guess already where the conversation heads to. One potential customer. Heh.

Lucky thing the lady is also interested in swimming... Imagine if she suddenly said "Oh yeke. Tak tanya pun."(Oh really. I don't even ask.)

She then asked about floating and other stuffs. Why is it when she put her head inside the water her feet suddenly went up, how people can actually float, how to move in the water...
If I were to be selfish, I wouldn't tell her anything. I could just tell her to sign up for my class and only then I'll tell her how to float. You pay first-hah, only then I tell you how to float.

But... Somehow the eagerness in her face makes me want to share everything with her. And I am more than happy to share. Knowing that people actually have the interest in swimming just makes me happier. And I learnt a lot from mum. Very generous with knowledge, always willing to share with anyone.

I've been a bit down these days but meeting this auntie actually sparked a bit of a joy that I believe would last for weeks! She told me about her Form One daughter in SAAS, about how they have to cope with the high living standard in Shah Alam... And I told her about me changing courses from tourism to sports.

I gave her the swimming pool schedule(I kept one in my purse) just in case she wanted to come. She planned on enrolling her daughter in a swimming class. I really really really hope I could teach her! Seriously.

Before parting she asked my name. I told her 'Tiah'.
Well because it's easier. I just hope the pool staffs still remember my full name.


Sophie Al-yahya said...

oit..nama Tiah mana glemer kat pool.


PiNky@hEarT said...

hi..1st time drop here.. ^_^

Bashtiah said...

Sophie: Eheh... Bagi senang sebut! ;)

Pinky heart: Thanks for dropping by!